My favorite hoodie started to show lots of signs of wear (the nerve 😤) and I don't care about invisible mending that much, so bright green embroidery thread and crude stitching it is.

Dish scrubber, version #2.

My first version was made from cotton yarn, and it was way too soft for washing dishes. It was however PERFECT for general cleaning, and I will make more of them for that purpose.

This version is made from linen yarn, and it was too stiff! It cleaned the dishes alright, but I have to see if using it will make it any softer...

Currently annoyed at people calling menstruating a "ladies" thing.

I menstruate. I am non-binary.

There are lots of non-women who menstruate and lots of women who don't. Get over it.

I accidentally deleted that previous toot of the produce bag I made for my mom 🤦🏻 She really liked it, and have gotten so excited about this, that she collected some old fabrics, and will give me some of hee ribbons and string stoppers, so I can more of these :D

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