Ranting about composting and bokashi 

Okay, rant time, because I am fed up!

Whenever I bring up my compost project, there’s always one group of people I have to face, and it’s people who DON’T. LISTEN. when I say bokashi isn’t currently an option for me for multiple reasons, none of which I’m obliged to share to anyone. I know bokashi works wonderfully for large bunch of people, and that’s frigging great, but some of them act almost religiously, like they are trying to convert people to it.

So far my compost, no matter how unconventional it is, works wonderfully, so WHY CAN’T PEOPLE STOP TRYING TO TALK ME OUT OF IT?!

Yes, I know it’s at least partially, because some people think they should make people try something they think is wonderful, without realizing that odds are, it won’t work for everybody and they refuse to think that it’s okay.

@solitarysolarpunk lol!

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK rings out through the forest

Shoot a vlog they said. It will be fun they said...

No solarpunks were permanently harmed in the process of filming this 😂

Yesterday I learned a thing: If you haven't biked for few years, starting with 14km route with very steep hills may not be the best idea. around 5-7km I was dizzy, nauseous and shaky, to a point where my friend's doggo was visibly worried.

I didn't bike back home, and instead left my bike to friend's balcony, and will fetch it later.

My friend have previously given his old black jeans for me for crafting purposes, and after he heard I'm about to make myself a coat out of them, but might have to use my old grey jeans too, because there's not enough for what I want, he said that a) it's making him VERY happy that I found use for his jeans, and b) he have another pair of black torn jeans. So, this weekend I will resurrect my bike, and we will meet at local park while he's walking his dog (who will be ecstatic when she sees me). We obviously will keep our distance from each other, as much as it pains us both, but can't be helped. I can't make promises about the dog tho, I don't think I have enough strength to betray her by not giving cuddles...

First few of my space themed toilet cloths are ready! My sewing machine is very old, and despite all my attempts (considering I actually have degree in sewing), I haven't managed to get it to accept knits, so I decided to hand sew them 😀 It's good practice for when I start to sew my space themed cloth pads 😎

if its all stressing you out but you still can't stop yourself clicking on every 'covid' cw, it may be a good idea to mute that word

Weirdly enough, I have noticed that being in quarantine and generally not watching news in video format has greatly helped my anxiety over corona.

During my last grocery trip before I became sick, the atmosphere in the store and the worry in people's eyes made me so anxious I wanted to puke. But now that all my contact with people is digital and information comes in text and image format, I can distance myself from the happenings just enough so that the anxiety can't get to me.

those of you who rely on herbs for immune support: echinacea and elderberry are specifically contraindicated for covid-19 because they contribute to cytokine activity and thus lung damage

I am really fucking tired of people assuming they know better than I do what solutions for things work for me, even tho they don't have faintest fucking clue of legislation or social norms of where I live (among the other things).

Would it be so damn hard for people to just accept that their experiences aren't some prime example of how the entire world works?!

Oh fuck... Yeah, just remembered eating is a thing humans should do sometimes 😬 Guess who have only consumed chocolate, cinnamon bun, few salt crackers and a latte today, and it's almost midnight :facepalm:

What's up! I'm picking seams of my old larp cloak in preparation for , and moaning in despair at the sewing work of 14 yo me 😂 I thought the seams looked horrendous then too, so in essence, nothing has changed in 15 years 🤣

I was planning "what cottagecore is for me" posts and illustrations about my "persona" by making a pinterest board (it's easier for me to plan stuff like this this way). Things got bit out of hand and next thin I know, I have a VERY Finnish influenced cottagecore/solarpunk -village pretty much planned out. Oops.

(3/3) I was meaning to make this longer with more examples, but now I've ran out of spoons. The point is, while it's easy to think what you see around you is all there is, there's rest of the planet out there. Even something as "simple" as transportation or community might work drastically different elsewhere, and we'd spare ourselves from lot's of miscommunications and arguments if people just sometimes reminded themselves, that things might be different elsewhere.

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(2/3) There's been people on current Finland's soil at least since the latest ice age (there might have been before that, but couple kilometers thick ice sheet has a tendency to ruble things up). That means around 11 000 years ago. Over time, those people became what we now call Sámi, Karelians and Finns. Also, until bit over 100 years ago, there was no country called Finland. Before that, peoole living here were either under Swedish, Russian or Soviet rule. I won't pretend I'm expert on this matter, so I can't say how things turned out to be how they are now, but you should already see how the setting isn't the same as in USA.

And this is just example of one issue on one small country on the north edge of Europe. I'm pretty sure there are countless examples all over the damn planet.

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(1/3) I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, but something came up in tumblr, which I'm not gonna go into details, but I'm fuming a bit right now, so pardon if this comes up as bit incoherent.

But solarpunk as a movement has few major issues, and one of them is americentrism. I want to believe people are not doing it intentionally, but majority of problems and solutions and DIYs and etc discussed, are only applicable in USA. For example, when discussing colonialism and oppression, people are very eager to force how they are on USA to other countries. That's just not how it works. Yes, I profit from colonialism by default, whether I want or not, but to say I live on stolen land isn't the truth, at least not in the same way as in America. Yes, Finland has major problem with oppressing minorities (historically Sámi, Karelians and Romani, for example), but Finns didn't come out of nowhere few hundred years ago.

My favorite hoodie started to show lots of signs of wear (the nerve 😤) and I don't care about invisible mending that much, so bright green embroidery thread and crude stitching it is.

Dish scrubber, version #2.

My first version was made from cotton yarn, and it was way too soft for washing dishes. It was however PERFECT for general cleaning, and I will make more of them for that purpose.

This version is made from linen yarn, and it was too stiff! It cleaned the dishes alright, but I have to see if using it will make it any softer...

Currently annoyed at people calling menstruating a "ladies" thing.

I menstruate. I am non-binary.

There are lots of non-women who menstruate and lots of women who don't. Get over it.

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