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food; mh 

me: Why can't I get in shape?
Also me: Eats 2 lb bag of Twizzlers due to broken emotional regulation...

Be kind to yourselves, you fucking assholes. Or I'll beat the shit out of you.

I'm a white settler living on stolen Multnomah and Chinook land.

I see ya'll getting harassed on here so I am ready to help collect my settler kin. My DMs are open if you need help telling wp to sit down.

And please please please call me out on my white bullshit when you see it. I know I have a lot to decolonize still and I'm willing to do that hard work.


Boosts welcome

If you are a newly out trans person (or questioning) and a loved one is asking you to not transition for x amount of time for either ambiguous reasons, or reasons related to their own goals and not your happiness, then I have something to tell you.

That's abuse. You're being abused.

You deserve all the happiness in the world and no one should ever dim your shine. My DMs are open to you. ❀️

capybaras, or as i like to call them, guinea bigs

Light In The Attic Records are putting out Nancy Sinatra's "Boots" and in the process have restored the 1966(!!) music video(!!!!) of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" in HD and put it on youtube.

Why is there a music video for a song released 15 years before music videos became a thing?

Because of THIS: the Scopitone, a jukebox that would play a 16mm film clip paired with the 45 that queued up.


hot take all dragons are pretty

even the most scraggly monstrous snarly scarred ones

don't change my mind

#WaterDrinkers PSA 

if you use a water bottle you refill regularly, don't forget to wash it every now and then!

@hoppet @Morgan Who needs Breath of the Wild 2? Nintendo should work on CD-I remakes

Which link is the biggest asshole. 80s cartoon link is excluded because he's basically an S++ teir asshole in fact the winner of this poll will receive the 80s cartoon link award

women want me, men who have internalized society's patriarchal power structures and perceive the open existence of trans people as a potential force for destabilizing them fear me


πŸ˜«βœ‹ dystopia
πŸ˜«βœ‹ utopia
πŸ˜πŸ‘‰ atopia

today's sketch wondering if the big pterodactyls curled their necks up like herons (don't think the bones could of supported that but it's a nice thought)

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eventually, after scrying meaning from documents like the USB 3 and USB 4 specifications for years; lesser deep magic like necromancy seem relatively straightforward

@ktemkin i would like to quote #terrypratchett on this one: "textbook on elementary necromancy - chapter one: correct use of shovel"

I've seen so many close friends succumb to this: they see others in tech do Wrong, see rhetoric that simplifies things to "tech == bad", & decide they're bad for enjoying doing stuff w/ computers.

Put work into being ethical; but don't martyr yourself.

You deserve to be happy.

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(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, capitalism, normalized psychological harm, insight 

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