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"Because all the day’s computers, including Galaksija, ran their programs on cassette, Regasek thought Modli might broadcast programs over the airwaves as audio during his show. The idea was that listeners could tape the programs off their receivers as they were broadcast, then load them into their personal machines.

An overnight sensation, this DJing practice quickly became a staple on Modli’s show. In the ensuing months, Ventilator 202 broadcast hundreds of computer programs. During the hour, Modli would announce when the segment was approaching, signaling to his listeners that it was time for them to fetch their equipment, cue up a tape, and get ready to hit record. Fans began to write programs with the expressed intention of mailing them into the station and broadcasting them during the segment."


I found a link from No Tech Magazine, and my mind was blown by the transmission of cassette tape programs over the air.

Everything else was super cool, and kinda reminds me of some of the stuff going on with Raspberry Pi, but the radio stuff was just... wow.

@solarpunkgnome yeah, I think there were some other precendents like that, it's pretty cool.
Which article was that, may I ask?

@solarpunkgnome also wp link in your profile is not recognized, maybe because it misses the protocol part?

@charlag Think I fixed it below, but didn't want to delete/redraft the original.

@solarpunkgnome I didn't quite realized that it's not Low Tech Magazine at first 😅


NP. Pretty sure it's the same author, but slightly different websites. Not 100% sure about why some things go to one and not the other.

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