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i mod the discord, subreddit, and solarpunkcast blog. suburban dude who prefers mud but loves gaming. Tri-State area.

Happy pride! Stonewall was a riot and corporations don't give a FUCK about us!!

"If it hasn’t been made clear by now, what the State is concerned about is putting down potential rebellion, not stopping crime. Policing in itself does little to actually stop crime, but instead is more concerned with maintaining a material force that can put down the rabble. "

I think I'm finally gonna do it. I think I'm gonna print and post a flyer in my town library to help gather interested folks for a local IWW chapter.

Remember when the fascists were saying that @PortlandIWW and @CiderRiot vandalized their own property for attention? Well, now the fascists are celebrating their attack, with proof. #crlitigation


Ppl don’t just get trafficked for sex y’all. They get trafficked to clean white ppls houses and nanny their kids, they get trafficked to work in big agro, they get trafficked into fast food factories and shoe sweatshops. Somehow sex work is the ONLY one of these industries folx constantly link to trafficking. No ones calling for the hyper criminalization of Au Pairs, Cleaning Workers, or Farmers. It’s curious🤔

Solarpunk Action Week official dates: Spring 2019

This year's first action week will take place on the first full week of March (3rd-9th)! Start planning and organizing now for a week of community building and practical projects, and make sure to post about your actions with the hashtag so we can share them here!

Ideas for actions will be posted here as well as our official tumblr, and you can find even more resources on the Sunbeam City wiki

Please boost this post and spread the word, and we'll see you punks in planting season! ✊💕

Loved the cute little punk girl my buddy Star designed over on Instagram for her Redraw challenge! Here’s a redraw in my style!

(Check out her post to try your own!

#mastoart #mastoartist #creativetoots #creative #characterart #character #oc #originalcharacter #ocs #drawthisinyourstyle #punk

So here's a lil film I made of family and their neighbors in Puerto Rico. The day had a single plan.

"Jugar domino"

Puerto Rico, 2017
#caribbean #puertorico #domino #film #MastoArt

Sigh. That extension that lets you tag social media profiles as trans-friendly so they appear as a different color in your browser to you is 95% assuredly a data mining operation.

Please don't use it. If you do, don't tag me in it.

every white woke guy: i'm sorry you don't understand THEORY lol it's not like it's hard just read smh

the working class, poc etc: are denied access to an educational background beneficial to reading indepth works about politics, do not have time to be reading this week's favorite flavor of dead author, likely have come to the same conclusions just by experience since we don't have to read a book to know oppression

Remember when you clicked a serious cw and it was exactly the tone you expected?
Remember the days before people thought it was funny to drop in pee jokes to 'relieve tension' when serious stuff was getting discussed?
Remember back when dscourse cw's actually meant something, and weren't just being used as a tired fucking joke?
Remember how we took on a whole bunch of newbies that still need to learn the culture around cw's ?
Haha good times. Yeah.

i would like to give a shoutout to for being one of the best places for current news on resistance and action, around the globe.

UK, Anti-facism 

ok whoops, so solarpunk interests are: biomimicry, renewable energy, city planning, and environmental justice!

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i mod the discord, subreddit, and solarpunkcast blog. suburban dude who prefers mud but loves gaming. Tri-State area.

this isn't a proper substitute for tumblr, but hello i am slightly alive here ;)

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