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Hello, everyone! As many folks from Tumblr are moving here, I figured I might as well. For the many who don't know me here, here's an introduction post.

For those wondering about the second part of the username, agorism is a left-wing, anticapitalist form of market anarchism similar in style to mutualism that focuses more heavily on using the counter-economy (any voluntary activity the state does not approve of) to demolish the state. Both black/gray markets and mutual aid are part of this.

So while you'll find the regular solarpunk stuff from my blog, you'll also occasionally see me suggesting things like a fully decentralized hydro-powered mutual crypto-credit system.

Though I'm well aware my views are odd compared to the average solarpunk, I'm happy to vibe with a crew of a similar mind! Thanks for having me!

As we agorists say:
Agora! Anarchy! Action!


So the question came up if I was a socialist earlier, and I'll try to answer this as best I can.

Short answer: depends on the definition.

Long answer: I identify more with left-libertarianism than I do with distinctly libertarian socialism. Part of the reason for this is that there's vicious debates online as to whether or not agorism is socialist, with good arguments on both sides. That being said, if you consider a stateless society with a worker-run economy to be libertarian socialist, then, sure, I am a socialist. Agorism's goal is a free, distributed network of sole proprieters and non-hierarchical, worker-owned businesses in a stateless society. However, if your understanding of socialism requires that markets not exist, and instead the society runs entirely on mutual aid and gift economies, I am not a socialist. As long as each individual in the network is sufficient enough that they don't have to use markets to survive, I have no issue with free markets, and quite enjoy them.

If you are unfamiliar with the group Equal Exchange, you should definitely go check them out. Great co-op that I heard about thanks to @Indigopenn and her folks.

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cannot wait for the weekend, imma sleep in till 1pm bc I can

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β€œPlant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”
– Jorge Luis Borges

Solarpunk praxis is biking away from the police while illegally sowing wildflower seeds across the property of the rich at high speed

sped up to 15mph over the speed limit, hit the cruise, and the little "eco" light on the dash came on

is this solarpunk praxis

β€œ clothing consumption has doubled while utilisation has decreased... events such as contribute to & encourage this continued unsustainable growth.”, Clare Farrell,

Swarm Fashion Week this Sunday, 17th Feb, 12pm to 6pm, London

just went to see alita battle angel, and lemme tell you something, that was some quality stuff there.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sunflowers are yellow
Azaleas are pink
Dandelions are white

Remember. St Valentine was the patron saint of beekeeping. Celebrate Valentine's day the way it was meant to be celebrated.


Are you tired? Is it hard for you to focus? Do you want to cry any time you think about the future?
That's #Capitalism.
Try Anarchyβ„’ today!

valentines day is now a 🐝 BEES 🌻 ONLY 🌷 EVENT 🐝 sorry i don't make the rules

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