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Hello, everyone! As many folks from Tumblr are moving here, I figured I might as well. For the many who don't know me here, here's an introduction post.

For those wondering about the second part of the username, agorism is a left-wing, anticapitalist form of market anarchism similar in style to mutualism that focuses more heavily on using the counter-economy (any voluntary activity the state does not approve of) to demolish the state. Both black/gray markets and mutual aid are part of this.

So while you'll find the regular solarpunk stuff from my blog, you'll also occasionally see me suggesting things like a fully decentralized hydro-powered mutual crypto-credit system.

Though I'm well aware my views are odd compared to the average solarpunk, I'm happy to vibe with a crew of a similar mind! Thanks for having me!

As we agorists say:
Agora! Anarchy! Action!


I made yet ANOTHER profile on a tiny new section of Mastadon. Because I have problems.



"We say no to big banks. We say no to corporate executives making millions of dollars a year. We say no to student debt, we say no to evictions. We say no to global capitalism. We say no to the prison industrial complex. We say no to racism, we say no to class exploitation, we say no to homophobia, we say no to transphobia, we say no to ableism. We say no to military occupation. We say no to war."

-- Angela Davis

Lunarpunk has come to Telegram! If you're on there, or even if you're not there yet, feel free to subscribe to the new lunarpunk channel, run by myself and a friend.

Might be helping build an intentional community this summer. Very excited about what's coming!

I'm genuinely thinking of just choosing a different label, especially after a discussion today that went something like this:

"Do agorists support property outside of posession?"
"Well, Konkin did."
"Konkin said nothing one way or the other."
"Since he didn't say no, agorists must support it."
"We don't. Here's some articles."
"As far as I can tell, agorists support private property."
"I am an agorist, and I can tell you we don't."
"But since Konkin said nothing, you must support it."

Taking stances is a slippery slope to taking more stances

no-buy update: gave wife a punk cut because it's cheaper

"Even if the absence of government really did mean anarchy in a negative, disorderly sense - which is far from being the case - even then, no anarchical disorder could be worse than the position to which government has led humanity."

β€” Leo Tolstoy


The Quaker fam was very accepting of my anarchism and one actually apologized for talking it down while having little actual understanding of it as a philosophy :blobsnuggle:


Explained to my young Quaker group that I'm an anarchist and

🏴 A N X I E T Y 🏴

Help me decide my future 

I need to pick a class fromamong these to take this summer. Was gonna throw dice but this is better.
1. "An examination of visual communications theory, process and history. Students will study the universal elements and principles of two-dimensional design and their applications in monochromatic, still, and time-based media." I'll need to buy Photoshop too.
2. Introductory Japanese. I'd learn some basics in Japanese.
3. Introductory French. I'd start to learn French.

depressed that skateboarding is not really a part of radical culture anymore

" can be easy to forget how much money you are actually spending in any given month. Now...we have to be a little more aware of our financial situation at any given moment."

New blog post is live! I even talk about why a No-Buy challenge is good for anarchists and freedom lovers ;)

future plans, travel 

I just want to build a riverboat and live like Huck Finn 😭

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