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Hello, everyone! As many folks from Tumblr are moving here, I figured I might as well. For the many who don't know me here, here's an introduction post.

For those wondering about the second part of the username, agorism is a left-wing, anticapitalist form of market anarchism similar in style to mutualism that focuses more heavily on using the counter-economy (any voluntary activity the state does not approve of) to demolish the state. Both black/gray markets and mutual aid are part of this.

So while you'll find the regular solarpunk stuff from my blog, you'll also occasionally see me suggesting things like a fully decentralized hydro-powered mutual crypto-credit system.

Though I'm well aware my views are odd compared to the average solarpunk, I'm happy to vibe with a crew of a similar mind! Thanks for having me!

As we agorists say:
Agora! Anarchy! Action!


I'm at the point where I'm seeing decentralization and community control of production as less of a means to slowly move away from capitalism, and more of a crucial effort to ensure our communities' survival when capitalism inevitably and imminently collapses

Once you pay attention, you start to notice that once the 18-wheelers stop coming, most of us are fucked. Especially now, when most of our possessions are designed to be ephemeral to force us to regularly replenish them

You can't rely on the internet to always give you that information once you need it. You need not only the knowledge, but the experience to keep things running after our lifelines are cut. We need DIY culture and local infrastructure now

Happy Equinox, mes chéries. I wish you all life, growth, and abundance in the coming year. 🌍

Apparently one of our social media guys wanted to see what would happen if the gray market anarchist cooperative I work with got a Twitter.

The answer is that the account got restricted almost immediately.

It's apparently considered a bragging right down around where I live to say you havent been to a grocery store in some time either due to using a farmers market or growing your own food.

These people are so ready for solarpunk and anarchism yet so far.

I don't know what to say about myself. I'm cool and I wanted to start over and make mutuals with who I can actually interact.

I'm not sure why it came up but GM Alex says "I imagine you run among commies, so I have a question. What is the proposed solution to capitalism??" I checked that he was using solution to mean alternative/destination after. Then the short answer I gave him was that there are several schools of thought on the matter but the ones I have experienced the most in my life are proletariat dictatorship and "no money, no economy, all needs are filled and none go without" favoring the second. 1/2

We then discussed our personal politics and some of the perspectives in our circles, and that while he is a realist surrounded by people who have the skills necessary for a community to survive, they're all basically preppers; whereas I realize that I will never see the fruits of my ideals in my own lifetime but I'll still spend the time that I have building for that future. He was very supportive and might have left with something to think about, but I wasn't trying to sell him on it. 2/2

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undermine capitalism by just havin a good time

Are there any other people from Sunbeam City who live in Florida?

What would a solarpunk construction collective look like? :thinking_sun:

I want to start a food garden, but it's against the rules where I live. How do I grow food secretly?

My wife is a funny one, lemme tell ya! Why sometimes, she just stares off into the distance for hours - even into the corner of the living room! Eventually, she always turns her pretty little head right round to me and says somethin' like, "a man makes great art only when he is compelled by his yearning for death. Every great work of art is a fleeting capitulation to the nothingness that permeates his flesh and haunts his mind." Boy howdy!


I'm a plant noob who is always grateful for advice. πŸ’š

Some of my interests are

Pleased to meet you!

I have to apologize for an earlier post involving the trans community. Whereas I intended it as just a lewd shitpost and not to make fun of trans people, it was ignorant and definitely should've just stayed in my head. Even while pansexual, I'm still cis still, and have a lot to learn. I'm sorry to the people I likely seriously offended, and I hope my trans friends can forgive the momentary lapse in judgment.

Shitposting is fun but being offensive for the sake of it is pretty stupid.

The Federation of Democratic Instances (FeDI) is growing!


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