Ways to Mark the Equinox

The autumn equinox is almost upon us. From this point out days are going to be more darkness then light. The sun is loosing its strength and soon the cold and ice will be here. But for now, its wonderfully autumnal.

I’m one of the horrible people that really, REALLY gets into autumn. Its just my time of year. So I really enjoy all the little novelties and rituals...


Figured it was time to update my Altar for the changing of the season. Tried to go with a theme of balance.

So does anyone have any books (or any other resources) that give a good introduction to do shadow work?

I feel like it's time to start sorting some things in my head.

I forgot to post this at the time, but this was the Christmas mural in the window of out local community center.

Are there any good resources for learning about tarot as a psychological exploration /thereputic/ medative practice instead of a divination?

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