What book/movie/media made the biggest change on your socio-political views?

For me it was the moneyless man by Mark Boyle.

Being shown how centralised money systems have replaced communal goodwill and collective effort had a profound impact on me.

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@solarbear The Manifeste Of The Communist Party, then The Conquest of Bread and A Nos Amis

@solarbear "Why Love Hurts" by Eva Illouz opened my eyes to the neoliberal project of getting the individual to shoulder the blame for the negative psychological effects of living in a market-based society.

@solarbear The Society of the Spectacle or Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism

Gerry Davis' "My Country Is the World: The Adventures of a World Citizen" pulled the rug out so I fell to the bottom and Chumbawamba's Never Mind the Ballots kicked me arse over to the far left.

@solarbear I would say that Ecotopia is up there for me. It got me thinking towards solarpunk.

An entire childhood of David Attenborough documentaries TBH. In one way or another, they shaped everything that came afterwards, for me.

@solarbear The episodes of the Simpsons when Bart revolts against Kamp Krusty and the principal of his snowed-in elementary school.

In Spider-Man, Uncle Ben's timeless words of "With great power, comes great responsibility"

Tom Nook's totalitarian rent seeking in Animal Crossing.

That one time I googled Murray Bookchin.

Metallica and late 80s thrash metal.

@solarbear I followed @mcmansionhell's birdsite for architecture criticism but wound up being introduced to this nifty thing called socialism. A close second was when I read The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin and thought, "hey, this is a society I would like to live in." Third would be reading Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything and Giorgos Kallis' In Defense of Degrowth in quick succession.

@solarbear thanks! you should check out the gingerbread mcmansion contest results when they go live on friday!

@solarbear Although my current socio-political views are based on many small changes during my life, a rather large impact had the 1974 novel The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, which I discovered rather late in 2016.

"Xenogenesis" by Octavia Butler planted nonbinary seeds in my middle school mind, "Pharmako/poeia" by Dale Pendell educated me about drugs as a high school freshman, and "The One-Straw Revolution" by Fukuoka Masanobu was huge for me at the end of my senior year of high school.

@solarbear the Gospel according to Matthew.

Everything else for me has been an unfolding of the ideas presented there.

@solarbear mostly my family I think, but listening to rise against as a kid was the first media that really stuck

@solarbear more specifically, the bit on first contact when Picard talks about the federation as existing post scarcity.

The idea that people would choose to live on the younger colonies, at personal risk, in exchange for nothing other than a sense of purpose and adventure, and a chance to help shape the future.

Picard’s response to starfleet command attempting to unilaterally execute an alleged terrorist. Painting the conflict in shades of grey, rather than black and white.

@solarbear reading John Varley's transgender fiction/short stories in the 80s

@solarbear biggest single impact / change in trajectory was probably “a people’s history of the united states,” luckily back in 10th grade

@solarbear 1984, TPB:AFK, The Sprawl trilogy, 28 Days Later (and other zombie films and games; amusingly I've never seen Dawn of the Dead), This Changes Everything, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Repair Manifesto, Domenico Scandella Known As Menocchio (and other readings around the Crisis of the Late Middle Ages)...

At least, that's the stuff I can remember easily.

@solarbear Conquest of Bread, the Manifesto and the book I read on Alienation (by Richard Schacht) as well.

But most of the stuff that got me the most wasn't overtly political.

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