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Every job deemed essential by the government during this outbreak should unionize immediately and state their demands while they have the most leverage they're ever likely to get

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PSA about bill payments 

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COVIDpol + (mutual aid, dual power) 

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Blood for the Blood Gods.

"The stock market is up 11% because Trump started saying he'd sacrifice 3 million lives in order to send the rest of us back to work rather than providing for people's basic needs.

"Capitalism runs on blood. This week, the capitalists stop pretending it doesn't."

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Cosplay - Star Wars 

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heyyyy pls remember that not every nonbinary person is comfy with the term "enby." some of us find it very infantilizing. nb or nonbinary are NOT hard to type out! Thank u!

source: me! i really don't like being called that! I'm 34 years old don't baby talk me!

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CNN: Officials scramble to open economy while avoiding a health catastrophe

The economy is a means to an end: health should be an effect of our economy, not something we sacrifice for it.

It is clear the metaphor has been sheared completely: we service a leviathan; we live our lives enslaved to sacrifice our everything to a constructed God.

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Almost every social problem COVID is making folk experience has been a problem for another group, first, and we simply ignored them when they complained.

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My work from home buddy.

Image Description: 2 pictures of a calico cat sleeping. She has her back half on a laptop keyboard and her front half on a stack of papers. The first picture has her head facing the camera. The second image has her laid in a line. A large mug is in the foreground. End description]

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English "be a man" = be tough


Yiddish "zay a mentsh" = be kind, be generous, do the right thing

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Who owns the toilet paper? What are their crimes? 

Sad to see SBC go this way. Especially since i haven't been here that long. But thank you for everything.

Nonbinary coming out 

Work talk, coffee gate cont 

Read about a rotary cell phone, built by space engineer Justine Haupt. "Why a rotary cellphone? Because in a finicky, annoying, touchscreen world of hyperconnected people using phones they have no control over or understanding of, I wanted something that would be entirely mine, personal, and absolutely tactile, while also giving me an excuse for not texting."

She has the open source plans linked to the article.

We can put our pitchforks away. Turns out my partner is actually of "I don't understand but I support and respect you. Get top surgery if it'll help you. We won't break up because of something silly like that." It's just the way he clammed up and talked made me think "oh"

Got my top surgery consultation scheduled for March 3rd. Aaaaaaa it's happening oh gods it's happening

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