1 month post op (CW: medical discussion) 

I was on 4 weeks FMLA leave and am now back to work(ing at home). It was 100% paid for by the company. I'll be on 6 weeks FMLA leave after the hysto. Hoping that my month post op appointment will be like "Yeah go back to work" if I'm feeling good. I mean, I could take 2 weeks medical leave that's basically a vacation but it's not necessary if I'm fine!

I'm very grateful that I have a decent job and benefits.

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1 month post op (CW: medical discussion) 

Prior, I was a size Large in sports bras and probably a size 36-38 D or DD in traditional bras. Tho I hadn't worn a traditional bra in years. :pride_knife:

The surgeon was very kind! Somehow he got insurance to pre-auth w/o me needing to be on T for a year! He warned me ahead of time that my scars would touch. My chest prior was close together. I would rather have them separate but I appreciated the heads up.

Wore an ace bandage for 2 weeks after op. Went in 3x to change the bandages. My left nipple graft bled a ton but there was no hematoma in either side.

As long as the hospital doesn't cancel elective ops, I should have my hysterectomy on 12/03. Everything but my ovaries will go. Insurance will cover all of that since I've hit my deductible and out of pocket max for the year. My savings is a little scary at the mo. :sweat_smile_ms:

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1 month post op (CW: medical - some bruising and freshish incisions) 

1 month and 2 days post op! Had a DI with nipple grafts. Feels like freedom. And I'm healing nicely. My right pec may need a revision because it's larger than the left. But I'll probably wait a year to see if the swelling goes down and it evens out.

[Image Description: a white nonbinary person holding a phone and smiles. A long horizontal incision runs across their chest. It's bruised in some places. The incision is turning into a scar. End image description.]

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yesterday was bi visibility day, today it's time to lurk in the shadows and silently take out biphobes

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What to say about the death of a major Jewish public figure, and human bulwark against encroaching fascism, on erev Rosh Hashanah? We can not function like this, as a society. Already, we had put too much on the shoulders of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as we do all women, as we do all Jewish women. She had already disappointed us, in any number of supreme court cases, in her cozy working relationship with the reactionary Scalia.

Got my car back on Friday :3 She's fine now.

My car will be okay! She will come back to me mid-week next week

car stuff, money 

car is now in the shop! should know more tomorrow or thursday. bank doesn't think i have money rn but moving what i had in paypal should make it so i don't overdraft.

CW: Car accident (we're fine) 

My car got hit while my partner was driving it to his work. He's okay. Car is a little crumpled. Inspection is on Tuesday. Insurance says we're not at fault and we're not having to pay our deductible and rental car. Kinda anxious and hoping shes fixable. Couple of my friends had have their newish cars totalled and replaced recently. Can't afford a new one.

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Trans girls with wide shoulders are hot. Boost this so they know they are pretty and appreciated.

Surgeries Update 

Welp. So much for a combo surgery. It's very likely that I'll have to do one, wait 2-3 months and do the other. Thanks COVID screwing up schedules. I'm just worried that I won't get all the time off I need to recover without taking a pay cut.

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Surgery Thoughts 

Got my preauthorization for top surgery!!! Waiting for the hysterectomy to get the same treatment. And then, waiting for a date. I'm getting a tag-team operation so that requires 2 schedules to be clear. And the top op surgeon is booked solid through the end of the year. Hoping I can get slid in. If not, I can wait!

Surgery fund thoughts 

So my deductible is $2,800. HSA is on track for $1,900 or so by the end of the year. Provided I don't get sick or need more appointments.

Selling my old flute for $500. Hoping the second stimulus check includes me lol.

This is all worthless if my insurance doesn't cover it because I can't afford my top and hysterectomy out of pocket

Found the Queer Zine Archive today! It made me so happy because I love zines but never really buy them (the ones I want are always sold out)


Added some trauma plates to my shoulders to hide the seam between the collar and the back plates.

-keeps trying to plunge out my ears after i keep getting water in my ears while showering-

Saved the Department of Insurance external appeal info just in case my 2 internal appeal options are denied. I'm just worried Missouri will be like "nah we really don't care that the insurance policy goes against the standards of care."

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Top surgeon is really nice! Paperwork being sent to my insurance. 99% sure they'll deny it since I'm nonbinary and not on hormones. Not sure what to do besides appeal.

Transphobia, Health Protection Rollback, Fatphobia 

Well this is a garbage year to try and transition. Meeting with the surgeon in 2 weeks for top surgery. Hoping they don't think I'm too fat for the op.

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