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you: small anti-fascist gathering

me, an intellectual: itty bitty gritty committee

cw: discussion of CWs 

This is an example CW for use in my talk.
\[T]/ praise the sun

I'm gonna be giving a couple of guest lectures later today about intentional technopolitics-conscious engineering design for a desired community culture, talking about some of the old discussions we used to have in mastodon's development, so I'm gonna be gone till later today.

I'll reach out to and reconnect with everybody from forevs ago later today, and also meet all of y'all new potential colleagues, comrades, and communities!

Hello again, fediverse! I'm rejoining after over a year away. Others here may have known me as Twryst or Reembodied on various instances circa 2016/2017. I've since then mainly been present in different discords, tumblr, slacks, or more.

Nowadays I'm in grad school, teaching, and writing. Lots of my work is in engineering design for community empowerment under a grassroots-oriented, social-conflict-informed model. Lots of discussion of disability, academia, and engineering both an alternative system to dominant hegemonic power and the social and technical infrastructure to get us there.

Glad to be back!

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no awooing $350 fine
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