Just found out about an F-Droid app that detects when the spotify notification bar changes to "Advertisement" and then mutes it, and optionally plays audio from your device's library instead until it finishes


I love how simple and clever this idea is. It's essentially exploiting the analog hole to block ads, and it can't be restricted any more than they can stop you from manually hitting mute whenever an ad comes up

@GreenandBlack Idk of anything similar on desktop, but why use the app when running it on a browser with ublock origin skips all the ads?

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates I vaguely recall the desktop version automatically pausing if you mute or drop the audio volume below a certain level while an advert is playing.

@tuxflo @FiXato @GreenandBlack Interesting. I already knew about Pithos, which is a Linux pandora client that blocks ads by default

@socalledunitedstates there are lots of straightforward ways to confound that app if it's worth it to Spotify because it relies on detecting something fairly brittle. :(

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