I really wish veg*ism wasn't presented as such an aggressive, black-and-white moral issue. When you tell someone that every time they eat meat they're committing murder, their only options are to change their lifestyle completely, feel shitty whenever they eat meat, or reject that narrative outright. Most people go for the last

But the fact is, our meat-heavy diet isn't sustainable, and we'll have to change it eventually if our species is to survive. So every step you take *is* helpful

Try to eat less meat. If you do eat meat, make less of it red meat. When eating plants, try and eat in season (and local, if possible). Try out some meat substitutes and meatless recipes - they're better than you think

But don't get overwhelmed trying to change everything at once, because by any measure you're better off doing a little than nothing at all

@socalledunitedstates I went full change but that is only because I have no self-control πŸ˜… But although my diet is mostly vegan (as well as some of own ethics) I tend to call myself vegetarian because the word vegan comes with too much baggage. I hoped I could just own it and be like β€œI’m not THAT kind of vegan” but it hasn’t worked well.

@raptorhawk I'm not veg* myself, but I've always said I have nothing but respect for those who are. No matter how much you debate the topic it's impossible to deny the nobility in it

@socalledunitedstates It has made such a positive impact on my life that I mostly just talk about in order to share a good thing. If it is ever a chore or a task to people I would never want them to make that change. It is worth it to do willingly and I have learned a lot distancing myself from meat eating - it actually makes me feel really free.

@socalledunitedstates I'm like vegeterian ish.

I eat a little meat, more fish and lots more totally vegetarian options!

Meat every day makes me sick haha, so I make it special!

Also I love halloumi...


Also, pitch your favorite veg. recipes, without demanding that people learn to tolerate something they've already told you they hate. Roasting or sauteing a pan of veggies isn't like making a souffle'... you can switch out different ingredients without ruining the dish. :)

@xenophora @socalledunitedstates …I've found that the best veg* recipes to pitch are those that make no pretense of being just as good if not better than the meat option. Veggies as meat substitute fall short each and every time. Veggies, rice, and paneer that do not pretend to be meat have repeatedly proven themselves very delicious.

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@socalledunitedstates I agree, but personally I find it harder to do things in moderation than just having a clear cut decision. I like having structure so I don't have to think so much about each decision, so the way that I do it is to totally cut out beef and have scheduled meat-eating and meatless days.

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@socalledunitedstates this is such a good point. <3

a friend of mine once told me she heard a blogger (i think) put it like victory not being achived by trying to convert people to veganism (because it will result in only a scant few converts), but in making a lot of people eat a vegan meal or two per week.
therefore, i’m way more interested in putting as many options on the table (hah!) as possible – traditional vegetable-based dishes, fancy new vegetable-based dishes, dishes from regions that naturally skew heavier towards meatlessness, animal-free trash food, impossible burgers and other meat replacement products, insect-based food, less-but-better & more respectful meat consumption, … – than in drawing lines between camps and defending them to the last drop of blood.

I've been vegan for 3 years and I think your advice is very helpful and something I promote. It's intention not perfection that we need.

Keep promoting this message.

@socalledunitedstates indeed I'm not vegetarian and I have notice that when I'm either shopping for groceries or just eating lunch at a restaurant, the "vege" section has the same image to me as the food reserved for people with allergies back in school. "And this food is meant only for those kids" which I'd automatically assume I'll never eat having none said allergies πŸ€” which is a shame as the few times I've grabbed some by accident I've thought some of this stuff might go well with other food..

perhaps to much focus on bringing up the "no meat" aspect in marketing has given the image "shouldn't be mixed with meat"..

Speaking of sustainability I wonder how people feel about cricket products slowly arriving the markets here as protein source replacement πŸ¦—

@JigmeDatse I actually care about innocent people dying due to the actions of a tiny handful of people, so yeah, it's a concern of mine whether humans go extinct

@socalledunitedstates I'm vegetarian, I would probably be vegan if I didn't deal with sensory issues. This is basically the only thing I inherently don't like about autism (as opposed to difficulties from being ND in a NT society). I was convinced about it from an ethical standpoint though

@socalledunitedstates doing things slowly is the only way I do things. First I cut out mammals and now I do that + a few meat free days a week. I never would've stuck to anything if I cut everything out at once.

@socalledunitedstates What are the betting odds that society decides it's easier to accept cannibalism than give up our dependence on red meat?

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