Happy ! If you're doing work with wood and aren't being very particular about its strength, shape, or quality, try using pallets! Just drive around and look by the dumpsters behind businesses and you should see some laying around for you to take after a brief talk with the manager - you can also check craigslist and 1001 Pallets:

I once found a place with huge stacks of pallets and crates on craigslist, then used them to build garden boxes and a rainwater collector (pics below!)

@socalledunitedstates just keep in mind that usually the wood is treated chemically and not fit for growing food in it nor keeping it in your home for long

@anarchiv Many pallets are heat-treated instead, making them safe for food, and in America at least there's a marking for what type of treatment they got

@anarchiv @socalledunitedstates Yeah! Here's a decoder ring for the markings:

Still definitely dicier than unused wood, but life is all about careful risk management πŸ˜‰

@anarchiv @Zuph @socalledunitedstates Euro pallets usually have a big rectangular stamp that says EPAL along with other codes describing their treatments. Avoid any pallet that says "MB" like the plague: it stands for methyl bromide and is a whole world of nope, seriously dangerous stuff.

@socalledunitedstates if I decide to make another raised bed for vegetables, I will probably start gathering up some pallets

@socalledunitedstates those ones on the left would make great compost bins without even having to do anything.

@GwenfarsGarden I had the same thought! We already had a tumbling one at the time, but I've kept the thought of taking one to use as a community composter in the back of my mind

@socalledunitedstates Actually that makes me realise how you could use them to help encourage people to learn to compost. They get a free compost bin, ready made. Then they get hooked on composting :)

I've never seen ones like those in the UK sadly. I'll keep a look out though, they're good ones.

@GwenfarsGarden If it helps, they're potato crates, and I got them from a Golden Flakes potato crisp factory

@socalledunitedstates oh my goddess. Chips and compost bins in the one place. I think I'd nestle down and call it home ;)

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