money, mental illness 

i've been so stressed and -super- depressed lately because we've had trouble making rent for the past several months due to my autoimmune disorder being wildly uncontrolled

i took on some emergency commissions so i could try to make rent this month (ended up having to borrow money from my mom, who i then was stressing about having to pay her back because my dad's making it a Big Deal that we stop borrowing money from them and not paying it back despite the fact that my parents can more than afford it, but I DIGRESS)

anyway one of my friends messaged me about getting a couples piece of his and his qpp's characters done and i priced him at $60 and he sent me that plus a $90 tip because he wanted to help me pay back my mom and i've just been sitting here sobbing for the last hour and a half because it was so unexpected and so kind of him

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DEVIL'S WALKING STICK is an uncommon small tree/large shrub native to southeastern North America. It gets its name from the extremely gnarly thorns on its trunk, which led the Iroquois to plant it around villages and fields, to ward off deer. The leaves are huge and showy, and it makes pretty little white flowers that smell like lemons and turn into cute little purple berries, there is nothing to not like about this sturdy and ferocious lil guy, A+ tree #plants

this must be the year of oregano because our oregano has been going crazy, and we've gotten two huge harvests already

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