Done! 2500 of 2600 patches worked. Most of the failures were zram related patches so that's interesting.

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Getting a whole replacement car door at the junkyard is a loooot cheaper than body work and paint, but oh my gosh moving locks and mirrors and door handles and speakers from the old one to the new one suuuuuucked. Glad to be done with that.

@shahaan We took care of aol. We can take care of google...

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The Fediverse accounts for 2.4% of participants this year, so that's cool! Top ten, and above Instagram. :)

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Yesterday we broke 15,000 responses, and today we are closer to 16,000!

If your experience of your #gender defies the gender binary of M/F, join in - and if you know someone else who'd be interested, send the link their way!

Survey link:

You ever have one of those moments where you think to yourself "Oooooh.... this is where a big disk cache is insufficient and an ssd would be helpful...."? Otherwise.... I'm thinking ramdisk.

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Sat down to watch a movie and spent the whole time migrating from gnome3 to mate....

Fixed the audio clipping issue on my son's tv by soldering resistors across the differential input pairs on the amplifier chip.

Literally building 2,600 phone kernels to find all commits in a lineageos kernel repo that will successfully build for my port and dropping commits that cause the build to fail. It's a big for loop. It's magnificent. I love it.

"I'm open sourcing this not because I care if they steal it from me but because I care if they steal if from you." --Doug Coulter

well the pid controller works fine, but I can't get the socket coupling the auger to the wiper motor secured to the wiper motor shaft.

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Time to work on my filastruder. It's been sitting in the shed too long.

Sweet... my instance was able to follow another instance.

@karlexceed bind or dnsmasq can do this. I have previously used it to run a namecoin resolver (.bit).

@teslas_moustache I can upload video, it's public with a lets encrypt cert, but I cannot see any other videos searching in my instance. Not sure how this is supposed to work but I'd like to set up some subscriptions to blender etc.

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As I head to bed, here's a timelapse of that last red #pinephone cover attempt I made - warning, very frenetic, not smooth at all.

The song I made a month ago sounds a lot better than the one I made just now, so I'm tooting it!

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