I've made an instance to be somewhat of a in the . I'll be posting there from now on. Feel free to join me there if you like making things too. fedimaker.space/@silver Registration is open.

My first adventure in mastodon administration appears to be resetting a lost admin password. Or perhaps I've misunderstood and an admin cannot log in like a normal user? Hmmm...

I lied this is too fun to put down tonight. Ok so the reverse proxy is working with a lets encrypt cert. yay. got autorenew cronjob in place, and a cronjob to make the cert work in the container too so we can basically double proxy for lulz. Add the systemd service. weird, mastodon-* didn't work for enable, had to list all the services like they did in start. Setting up email with exim4 to send notifications. Cool I made my user! I have made a new mastodon instance. :D

Should I continue this through getting my first users and getting the hang of administration?

Now we set up ruby. Add the user for it, su in, and install rbenv, ruby, gem, and exit back to root. Set up the database user. Now git clone mastodon itself! Bundle and js deps. Mastodon rake setup. Run through the wizard, not in docker, local email, and poof mastodon is running. Nginx config in place and modified. Now throw up a quick reverse proxy on the host for port 80 and 443. Activate a bunch of proxy modules. Set up lets encrypt with certbot and cron autorenew...... is getting hard and it's getting late, so this will be continued tomorrow!

So I suppose we'll just see what ip the container gets and just assign it in the config. I'm lazy and the only time containers will go online or get moved I'll be at the helm to fix conflicts anyway, and this will prevent unattended action like a vps migration or container boot deplays possibly messing with the leases. So we start the container, grab the ip, install ssh, disable dhcp configuration and set the dns server inside the container, set up a user, reboot it, should be at the right ip. Add the name and ip to /etc/hosts to make it easy. Great. Now we have a nice container to work in, and if we fuck up we don't have to call the VPS provider crying for a re-image. Now we can begin to follow docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/in except when we get to the nginx step, we will also need to set up the proxy on the host which I like apache for. Step one is to curlbash nodejs. Add yarn repo key, add deb source, bunch of other packages. (to be continued)

Ok, got my domain, got my VPS. Step one is obviously to make my user, add my keys, remove ssh pw auth, test auth in a new session, and get dns set up. Now! The fun part. Normally you'd just install all the things on the VPS and set up a firewall, but config changes from errors or package management can open up remote holes unnoticed this way. Not good enough for me! No sir-e-bob! I'm containerizing this like a sysadmin and not a damned developer. We're running LXC on this baby and reverse proxying all mastodon traffic back into a private container network. This also will allow damned simple backups, upgrades, lower risk reboots, etc. So I've decided to name all my containers after Mr Rogers Neighborhood characters. First one will be trolly. So we run lxc-create with ubuntu and the name trolly. Networking is dhcp by default, we need it to be static incase it's migrated later. (to be continued)

Ooooof. Is moderation policy something you need to have nailed down before users arrive, or is it ok to wing it for a while?

I feel weird _paying_ for a vps after working for so many hosting companies.

eeeew! Mastodon install guide uses ruby environment management! I thought I was done with this back in 2012!

Ok, you know what, someone already donated $35 to pay for some gear for some foss work I'm doing, and I didn't need it all. It was only $20 to get the device, so I'll just take the other $15, get a VPS and a domain, and start a masto instance. I really don't feel like this money is mine anyway, so fostering community feels like a good thing to do with it.

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Does anyone know of an inclusive instance for handy folks? I plumbed my house, do my own brakes and oil changes (rads, alts, diffs, etc too). I 3d model and print, woodwork, code a bit in c and bash. I am a queer mostly-socialist, but still have a family to feed. I don't think corporations should own land, while individuals should be able to so they can sustainable use it. I often vote for higher taxes, but I am not dumb enough to think income tax affects the rich at all, so I think financial transaction taxes would be better. I am currently transitioning out of a goldman sachs funded tech job as I no longer wish to be in their machine and am starting a new job as a robotics engineer for a local food equipment manufacturing company. I don't like when people say they hate any group. Calling out individual misdeeds doesn't bother me, especially if intended to educate and bring people together. Affirmative action doesn't bother me at all if done without hate. Let me know if I fit. Thanks.

I'm just sitting here banging random ideas together to see what the broken pieces look like.

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shithead government

doesn't teach statistical analysis in public schools
does abuse statistical analysis on a regular basis

Impending mastication 

On second thought, lets *not* cook the thin spindly little broccoli bits with the big hunky potatoes that will obviously take very different amounts of time to cook.

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Impending mastication 

Steamed broccoli and potatoes is what is up in this house *spatula drop* peace out

Uspol, candidate research 

Bloomberg supported extending new york mayor term limits, the iraq war, endorsed w bush for president, wasn't even a registered democrat before 2018 (so, no reason to give him a party loyalty vote), only wants to add tax for income over FIVE MILLION (protip: rich people don't have w2 taxable income at all), has made MANY documented derogatory statements about women, and even has property in bermuda (a tax haven iirc), I mean for the love of fuck how could you vote for this guy? This is just trump level bullshit without the cool hair. Also, I love wikipedia. There are a ton of even more negative things that you can see being actively removed in the edit logs, and the sources to prove it. Basically anything about sexual assault is being scrubbed. Boost if my anger is valid.

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Hey @solderpunk maybe you want to air thirty minutes of the funkylicious midi notes from COVID-19's DNA sequence? youtu.be/3nPK_O1dRmY

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It suddenly strikes me that 'trillion dollar tech companies not caring that their products turn into abandoned toxic info-waste pits - that customers are still locked into - after a couple of years' and 'trillion dollar oil companies pouring CO2 into the atmosphere' and 'trillion dollar soft drink companies pouring plastic into the sea' are basically all the same problem:

Companies are incentivised, by the economics of selling, not to care at all about the end-of-life story of their products.

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