Woot. Just helped recover my first rig this winter. Got a 30 foot box truck out of some ice with a big strap around the wheel and a shovel. Didn't even have to pull with my jeep. He said it was his first day driving the truck too.

Just got an email from my son's school about a 2SLGBTQIA+ event. Are they freaking stupid? Does anyone actually think calling queer something that looks like bhftrde7i83w2 (literal random key mashing) makes a person feel human?

Hmmm now I want a bicycle with studded tires...

It's hard to state that heaven and hell do not exist whilst also not ruining someone's faith in santa clause.

3D teddy bear that I scanned and cleaned up, and the raw scene scan too:

Ohmygosh I'm 3d printing something I 3d scanned for the first time omgsoexcited!!!


The worst part about Mondays is having to switch back to cmd+c and cmd+v after using ctrl all weekend.

I just upgraded a gateway pentium 4 all-in-one pc to an i7 with nothing but a dremel and duct tape.

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Systemd makes drbd and iscsi work like shit.

4/5ths ketchup and 1/5th soy sauce makes a pretty ok sweet n sour sauce

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