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Resistance // مقاومة // Berxwedan :ecoanarchism:

"Muudra has captured the sound from the tough situation of the Middle East and brings an inspirational political message into the project. 'Resistance EP' is threaded together by snippets and rare samples taken from recordings that were made many years ago, mixing modern electronics with traditional Oriental instrumentation and field recordings from his adventurous journeys through this area."

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Extinction Rebellion Worcester MA starts now! It’s a gorgeous sunny day.

The Butterfly Rebellion April 17 Worcester Massachusetts Noon City Hall

Is this Motion I? I vote for this motion.
BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion activists strip off in House of Commons public gallery to call attention to the ‘elephant in the room’ — Climate and Ecological Crisis #ExtinctionRebellion #TellTheTruth @HouseofCommons

Do you have an affinity with activism, grass roots organising or campaigning on agriculture & food issues? Are you concerned about climate change? Under 30? ASEED are looking for people to join them in Amsterdam for a year

Start in September 2019 & help develop the "Fossil Free Agriculture" campaign
Inspired by the "Free the Soil" initiative, this campaign aims to challenge the industrial food system by focusing on its fossil fuel dependence & climate change impacts

Humans are born to be artists, scientists, artisans, and philosophers. Children love nothing more than creative expression, learning to understand things, making things with their hands, and asking deep questions.

But society teaches us not to do these things, training us instead to be “productive”. We’re sculpted to fit into a world obsessed with jobs, money, and ownership, and we’re forced to give up the most important parts of ourselves in order to do so – our creativity, and our curiosity.

climate doom, take a look at this thing i'm doing 

The Collapse is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed

i've been putting together this thing in bits and pieces for a minute and i figured i'd share:

Articles, media, art that provide a glimpse into our impending ecological catastrophe and the collapse of modern systems of life.

this is an open channel so feel free to add stuff yourselces and follow me on there tooooo

April 15 #XR Global Uprising 

I will paint an hourglass symbol on the sheet, laying on it's side, so each end of the hourglass forms the butterfly/bird wing, painted in brilliant colors.

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April 15 #XR Global Uprising 

I'd love to make a giant butterfly for April 15 and flitter around Worcester City Hall. It would be 'fairy' provacative. So here's my plan: I make a large bird/butterfly winged creature with a 6 ft wingspan out of a bedsheet. and flutter it across the intersection of Main/Franklin/Church/Front Sts. around Worcester City Hall and Town Commons. Not stopping traffic but making liberal use of the crosswalks.

hey fam! i'm a 29 y/o smol black queer, afab nb, super into "bread tube" (contrapoints, philosophy tube, three arrows, shaun, etc.) but I was radicalized over a decade ago :anarchistflagblack:

I'm currently teaching myself web development (pretty solid html/css skills, working on getting a good grasp of js and i've dabbled in web scraping with python). also into cyber/info/net security.

I also like languages, linguistics, travel, and learning new things in general.

this is my first toot I'm ever writing on mastodon and tbh I'm not sure that i know what I'm doing 🙃

Aaaarggh! It's now $25 to go round trip to Boston from Worcester on the MBTA Commuter Rail, and it's only an hour away. At this rate, in three years it will be $50.

Hey! The Global Climate Strike for Future is happening tomorrow, 15th March 🔔

Tens of thousands—possibly millions—of students will be striking school tomorrow because the systematic failure to curb biosphere collapse makes a mockery of learning 🔥

Whether you're a student or not, try and get to your local one! ✊ #fff #FridaysForFuture

I wish there was an rss feed for social media. where I could follow a few individuals without having my own social media account on that site. -_-

Suzuki on the Human Species 

It took me a long time realize that human beings are a predator species. In fact they are among the top predators in the world, at the top of the food chain. David Suzuki understood this and he said so explicitly. He understood human nature better than I ever did. But He also said that the predator species at the top of the food chain is the most vulnerable species of all.

Vegans—Eat Figs! 

Veggies: Take a look at the minerals you get from eating dried figs! (see jpg). Figs have a decent amount of protein, 5 g protein per 150 grams (370 calories). But more than that, dried figs pack a huge amount of MINERALS that you would normally get from meat and dairy: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and more! Surprisingly, not a lot of vitamins, but a huge stash of minerals in a tasty high fibre package with a natural energy boost.

I bought some vegan fig 'salami' the other day (dried fig rolled and peppered to taste like salami) and got curious about the nutrition. Vegan salami tastes great by the way!

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