Extinction is Inevitable 

Content warning: I'm about to say something that is counter to everything that climate activists have stood for up till now:

Extinction is inevitable.

Every species becomes extinct sooner or later.

In the geological period known variously as the Anthropocene/Capitalocene, extinction is sooner.

The human species will become extinct. There is no avoiding this ultimate reality.

And there is the very real possibility that the human species will be the cause of its own extinction.

There is no way to avoid extinction. It's just a matter of how soon do you want to go?

#XR Die-In at Worcester MA City Hall 

Chalk outline of my body from a Die-In at Worcester MA City Hall 6-9-19.

BioPhysic Economists Warn End of Capitalism 

A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change.


Key areas to achieve this include transport, food, and construction. City planning needs to adapt to the promotion of walking and biking, a shift toward public transport, as well as the electrification of transport. Homes and workplaces will become more connected and localised.

A shift toward food self-sufficiency across both poorer and richer countries will be essential. And ultimately, dairy and meat should make way for largely plant-based diets.


Sympoietic systems depend on the organizational information contained in their components, which are typically autopoietic systems. Yet there is also organizational information contained in the network of interactions among the autopoietic systems – the pattern of relations and processes that manifest the sympoietic system structure. This information is not held by any particular entity, but is distributed among the interconnected components and processes, hence leading also to distributed control. Sympoietic systems build their complexity by incorporating a variety of complex components.

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The contrasting characterizations, of autopoietic and sympoietic systems, provide a pair of heuristics that are useful for attempting to understand complex living systems.These characterizations are heuristics and consequently must be recognized as caricatures. No 'real' system will fit either description, but will rather sit at some position on a continuum in between the two ideal descriptions.

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Sympoiesis: This is a much better explanation of a social system then Luhmann's autopoietic social system, based on Maturana and Varela. Social systems have at best fuzzy boundaries, not quite delineated forms that change with each interaction. They are networks of processes, not self-defined organisms.

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'System- hood’ does not depend on production of boundaries, but on the continuing complex and dynamic relations among components and other influences. The concept emphasizes linkages, feedback, cooperation, and synergistic behaviour rather than boundaries.

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In contrast to autopoietic systems, they are characterized by cooperative, amorphous qualities. Sympoietic systems recurringly produce a self-similar pattern of relations through continued complex interactions among their many different components. Rather than delineating boundaries, interactions among components and the self-organizing capabilities of a system are recognized as the defining qualities.

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My new favorite word: Sympoietic—meaning—I propose the conceptualization of boundaryless systems and have constructed the term sympoiesis, from the Greek words for collective and production, to describe such systems (Dempster 1995, 1998a).

Old is Punk 

Yep, getting old is totally PUNK. Steampunk that is. Yesterday I used a notebook and pen to write down some information. The guy said "do you have access to a computer?" Of course I have access to a computer. That doesn't mean I have to use one for every single task. I come from an age when people used paper and pen for lots of things. When you get old, you can resist the totalizing system of using electronic gadgets for everything.

Amsterdam Removes 10k Cars from Streets 

A new short film celebrates bike-friendly Amsterdam’s no-drama strategy for eliminating car parking: “It’s not a big deal here.”


Dutch Golden Age painter Judith Leyster, Self portrait, c.1633, Leyster became largely forgotten after her death, and her entire work was at first attributed to painter Frans Hals or to her husband #womensart t.co/9GQG866rlY

Born of a Jamaican mother and American father, 'Pixie' Colman Smith was an illustrator, writer, occultist, traditional storyteller and magician who illustrated/co-designed the Rider-Waite tarot, 1st edition (1909) #womensart t.co/L9zX2RJjre

🎹 🎵 New Album Release 🎵 🎹

Missives is my third EP. It is CC-By, pay what you want (including $0), and made in 100% Free and Open Source Software.

#FediArt #FediMusic #NowPlaying #IMadeThis

The cover of my EP Missives. Th…

Worcester MA: Steampunk City 

I'm starting to get a sense of my new home in Worcester MA, that it's a Steampunk City. I tend to romanticize the places I live, but I never intended to romanticize Worcester. In fact, my plan was to ignore it completely. But I can't help it I guess.

Worcester MA was built post Civil War, 1870 to 1920, the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The bones of the city are laid out like a Victorian industrial city, something like Liverpool or Manchester. It has the steampunk charm of that industrial era. Densely built, with huge factories and triple decker housing for immigrant workers, and freight rails running through the center. Its steampunk era design is unmistakable, if you step back and look at it as a whole. But no one has ever described Worcester this way. What if we got rid of all the cars and ran everything on renewable electricity? Solar Punk City! That's my vision of Worcester MA.

Political Nihilism has never achieved anything and offers nothing to anyone. Likewise a "ruthless critique of everything existing" only achieves political inertia and smug satisfaction in armchair theorists as the world around them falls apart. How comfortable it is to criticise everyone else for trying to make the world a better place in which we find it, and how paralysing it must be to be afraid of having the same done to you. If you're not making mistakes you're not making anything.

Extinction Rebellion 🐝 ⌛️ 🦋
2h 2 hours ago
New appeared at Marble Arch site of last night: "From this moment despair ends and tactics begin. Despair is the infantile disorder of the revolutionaries of everyday life." Quote from Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution of Everyday Life, 1967

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