@goodleftyfundies be the change you wish to be or something nice like that!

@selontheweb damn I work from home and this would be so fuckin cool

@selontheweb this kinda makes me want to reach out to a friend I have who also works from home but I'm scared of level jumping on the friendship

@interneteh !! do it! i'll bet they'd be grateful, and worst case they just say no and you kick it in a more traditional fashion~~

@selontheweb I'm having lovely thoughts of like, work-from-home buds all just chilling out and working in a living room together, at a different friend's house each time. Not every day, but like once a week.

@selontheweb It needs to be normalized. Who the heck wants to meet at a sterile corporate "workspace" when you could cuddle up and code/blog/whatever with my kitty?

@selontheweb i really need some chilling at home, doing our own thing with no pressure to talk constantly or do stuff, quietly enjoying each others company kind of friends

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