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Anyone involved in West Virginia IWW or otherwise a North American wobbly? Anyone know why they've not been called out for declaring themselves Maoists in the description for their podcast "Mandatory Overtime"?

Does the constitution mean anything at all?

y'all seen this dope agitprop from bristol IWW EUC? I like the workers raising the windturbine a lot :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve: :greensun:

ICE, murder adjacent 

The Time To Act (Song for Will Van Spronsen/Emma Durruti) by David Rovics

This song is a bus burning song.

Rest In Power :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

SBC meta, CWs 

If you're unwilling to use CWs because they're "antithetical to the public purpose" of your project or account, then Sunbeam City is not the place for you.

death, police, ICE, martyr 

this is the letter allegedly left by Willem Van Spronsen before he attacked the transport infrastructure of the Northwest concentration camp

(it was posted on a Facebook thread by a leftist from Tacoma who said he was Willem’s friend)

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John Brown's body lies a'mouldering in its grave
But his soul goes marching on

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death, police, ICE, martyr 

Rest in Power WIllem Van Spronsen :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

“Are we really willing to submit to laws regulating every little detail of our existence on this planet? Inane laws imposed by those who simultaneously allow and encourage the exploitation and despoiling of the planet and life upon it for the sake of “progress” and “growth” and a house of cards called “the economy.” There’s staggering change on the horizon; it would behoove us to take note and learn the skills, among them how best to use rainwater, to cope with the radically different world bearing down upon us. Regardless of silly laws and regulations.”

Will Van Spronsen was a 69 year old anarchist and antifascist, AKA the greatest ICE breaker who ever lived.
He was murdered yesterday morning by police whilst petrol bombing the deportation buses at a US concentration camp.

anyone know of any active radical groups in or near colorado springs?

anti-catholicism, kids being attacked 

whenever US folks on here go off about how catholics don't experience oppression or how it's okay to be racist towards them, I just think of this video from 2001 of some catholic kids walking through a loyalist area of Belfast to get to school and being pelted with rocks, pipe bombs, and balloons filled with piss.

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