men shut the fuck up saying "man here, men really do suck" and just ACTUALLY try to be good challenge 2k19

history never died, it just tucked its little leggies in and rolled away

wondering if the heating repair person is going to come today, and this is like the second act of "Waiting For Godot" in which the two protagonists of that play continue to wait on the eponymous person of that name.

the heating repair person will be here at 10 am tomorrow. until then, i am "Waiting for Godot"

Wanna radicalize someone? Tell them we don't need to work Mondays and could easily get by on 4-6 hours a day if the bosses weren't thieves.

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@Galdrakinn @realtoddhoward also read up on the St Patrick's battalion and then talk about the difference between Irish and South American Catholics

@Galdrakinn @realtoddhoward you're so absolutely wrong and you don't know what you're talking about. Irish Catholics are absolutely an ethnic group, yours sincerely, an Irish Catholic

All I want is just a handsome guy who's not a total fuckhead, but apparently I find criteria 2 too hard to find lmao

JK Rowling reveals that Snape threw the first brick at stonewall

If you're more worried about being called a bigot than being a bigot, then we will never be friends

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@realtoddhoward the house I was living in when I was a child got petrol bombed to bits because some people thought it was okay to be "racist" against Catholics but go off queen!

white leftists and liberals use st patricks day to reflect on internalized anti catholic bias that you absolutely have if you grew up protestant or in a protestant country instead of getting drunk and rehearsing irish caricatures challenge 2019 GO!

i want to connect with more people with ME/CFS on here. i mostly jokepost here but honestly this site is my main social outlet at the moment and i'd like to be connected with more people in the same boat. no pressure even to chat, let's just add each other.

#mecfs #pwme #chronicillness #spoonie #myalgicE #disability

@realtoddhoward just gonna leave this up here not even a CW? Just gonna pretend like there aren't people who've been marginalised for their catholic heritage or even just having a family name that sounds Irish Catholic using this site? I don't give a fuck what you think about the Catholic Church, but how'd you feel if "I feel like it's OK to be racist towards Jews" was the approach taken by those who disagree with the state of Israel?

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