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that doesn't mean i won't be keepin an eye on things from here

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there's this dope insurrectional anarchist principle of no permanent organisations, both as a practical method and as a means of preventing hierarchy and bureaucracy forming

organisation as a means of attack on the state and capitalism, never for the sake of the organisation itself

prolly last toot from this account, it's been good sunbeam city :ancomheart: :blocblob: :iww:


@alyaza yeah, someone with bipolar who's openly posted about struggling with it before who's "going off" totally needs to be told they're delusional and narcissistic and that you have nothing but contempt for them, and them being too crazy or whatever for you to handle until you use your mod power to silence them totally makes you the victim here OK.

The worst bit is that even now you don't get it, not just when you were first called out. I don't think someone with that kind of attitude towards someone very neurodivergent should be a mod or have any power on this instance


@alyaza @magicalmilly maybe that would be fair if nobody had called your actions out, but they did, and you ignored it.

assault @ben for the last week or so I've been scrolling fast AF to get past the opening coronavirus alerts on every mainstream news site that fill their home page TFW ur nostrils full of liquidy droplets

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We're not meeting a single one of these values

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@alyaza maybe when you're called out for your actions as a mod, your own personal reasoning behind them is less relevant than trying to find out what other users on the instance think about them. Maybe they'll think it's fine, in which case they evidently agree with your reasoning and it's all good, but maybe they won't and you don't get to say that as a mod you know better.

@alyaza mods do however need to be able to listen to non-character driven criticisms of their use of power in order for there to be any sort of accountability

@alyaza which is why making personal attacks including language that's used in reference to a personality disorder when you disagree with them or they break guidelines isn't okay? Like you did towards dissidentkitty?

"Nothing but contempt for you" "you're narcissistic and delusional"

This is not okay. @alyaza

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Apparently we post long threads making horrible personal attacks using ableist language on this instance when a user... DOXXs a fascist? Say what you like about the legal issues regarding keeping them on here, there was no fucking need for that against someone who did the right thing and got grassed up by a Nazi for it.

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@alyaza we're a libertarian socialist instance, fuck the trot symbol

indigenous anarchist comrade from tumblr, could really use some help and needs another $195 if anyone's got any spare


@alex "dress your bigotry up in respectable clothing please"

@gaja you might get a lil hassle that won't go anywhere but that's just a part of leftist organising it would seem :')


If you go on the food not bombs wikipedia page it's got the whole issue in Orlando with them trying to arrest and ban FNB and it ended with the courts ruling they couldn't ban or arrest FNB for giving out food in 2018, so I understand why you were worried but it looks like you won't be hassled and if you are it won't go anywhere

@gaja On August 22, 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that outdoor food sharing by Food Not Bombs was protected under the First Amendment. 

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