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an ! I'm an agender lesbian, I came over from tumblr, and my dream is to live on a sheep farm and make textiles! I love knitting, crochet, embroidery, spinning, everything 🐏🐏

!!!!! started back on testosterone a couple days ago! im using the gel and its Very Sticky

20 points to public transit for making an hour-long heat exhaustion filled walk home a 15 minute air-conditioned train ride

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saying "he or she" instead of "they" but replacing it with two arbitrary neopronouns instead, like "xe or ey", and picking different ones for every use

i went on a long walk and accidentally gave myself heat exhaustion, but i picked a bunch of blackberries so it was totally worth it

its weird how much more i feel like i look like myself now that im a bit tanned

OH BEACH FIRE MINI DUMP! we were far from the cliff and very careful with sparks. it was a brilliant night, i got to see the stars again, which is something i have really missed in portland


went to a family reunion and didn't smoke for several days. forgot that would count as a T break and now i got too high


my roommate is mad that the sink is full of dirty dishes when their job is to put the clean dishes away so that I can do more dishes and they left clean dishes in the clean dishes spot for like four days, making cleaning more dishes functionally impossible. and also making the kitchen functionally unusable because that's the ONLY open counter space. fuck i CANNOT wait until we aren't living together. quickly coming to loathe them honestly

relationship, mostly just bitching 

sure do love being told that i was poor at communicating by the person who ignored all of my attempts at communication. not my damn fault when i told you the problems i had and you ignored them

if anyone recognizes any of these i would love to know the species. all in Portland, Oregon

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(1/?) flowers (and other) from my walk today! unfortunately i dont know what exactly any of these are, except the oak gall. more in replies!


inventing excuses to wear these heels. ive missed them

also i need to get me a flag and a flag

hey punks, my boots finally disintegrated, im in the market for new ones. but i have a hell of a time navigating online reviews, so instead im asking here. i need comfortable black combat style boots, strong preference for real leather. what brands should i look into? any personal favorites?

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