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would anyone be interested in buying a about my process? I want to make one, and I'd love to offer it for free, but I'm currently at about -$20/mo income-wise. I'm thinking of showing a couple projects, and probably offering the PDF for $1, and/or a physical version for $3 plus shipping?

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@AliceAngel94 this is my gay! her name is Alice and we're so gay the government had to get involved

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an ! I'm an agender lesbian, I came over from tumblr, and my dream is to live on a sheep farm and make textiles! I love knitting, crochet, embroidery, spinning, everything 🐏🐏

after some thinking I think it's bc choosing to wear clothing that isn't currently in style is something I associate with specifically choosing to be unattractive to men, which is something I associate with wlw

i gave up for a bit to eat dinner and now it works? I think I have brownies lol

ok I said in another reply it might be a dull needle but that definitely isn't it. the needle was dull but I'm continuing to have the issue

my 2212 machine is acting up? the bobbin thread loops wildly when I reverse. it seems to be happening regardless of stich length, tension, or stitch shape, but in this example it's length 1, tension 4, and type A. I'm using a 100% glaced cotton thread. I don't know what this fabric is. and it only happens in reverse.

So happy to finally be on here! I'm a gay AF leftist living in the Midwest. Looking forward to learning and meeting new people!

I swear every time I see a woman dressed in period wear (esp Victorian era clothes) I immediately assume she's a wlw

epstein tangentially mentioned 

she basically took a mostly-dead pillow and squished the stuffing down to a smaller area. she says it works good so far

i may make myself one but for the moment i mostly sit on the couch

also wife made herself a cushion bc all we have is wood chairs atm and i got to use it as an excuse to practice felling seams. not very good at it but she specifically said it didn't need to look nice

i thought id totally bricked my windows install yesterday for like 20 minutes but it turns out i just needed to boot in uefi instead of legacy πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…

hrt, injections ++ 

amazing how i learned to stand notetaking once i did it of my own volition on a subject I'm passionate about

whats the opinion on protonmails free vpn? I dont really know what to look for, but i know i need one and i also cant afford to get a paid one

help! I'm having more problems with
trying to install on a desktop, but every time it boots it displays correctly for about a minute and then the monitor goes black and says the signal is out of range. this has happened with all three of our monitors, about three times each. I've tried all the "how to go into recovery mode" options but none of them work, I think because the OS isn't actually installed yet. HELP!

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