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yeah, the uranium extraction is one area I never looked at. I admit to having an overly simplified view of it. I guess I have to do more research if I really want to vouch for it

I just realized Sel doesn't show up on my local timeline?

Question for Seattle/Portland area Folks (cw: alcohol) (plz boost!) 

Hey frens!

Do you know of any local breweries that are union shops?

I keep running into examples of Breweries that treat their employees like shit because they can get away with it. Here's a job posting from Rogue as an example.

I want to find union brewers 'cause union brewed beer tastes like solidarity, and solidarity is easily one of the world's finest flavors. :blobyum:


See that's where I'm at. Dude has some other good points though. it's interesting


I don't really know how much meaning is in the existing color combos you're using, but green with purple seems like a good combination for solar/lunar punk. I'm really into soft purples right now :_earth: :_moonfog:


yeah, that's true. That is definitely a reason to transition away from it, but I think that the storage techniques we use are safe enough to worry about transitioning away once we have the climate thing figured out. That's a much more existential threat, and nuclear is such an abundant source which will not pollute the air


Right, that's fair enough for most people, but this guy interviewed 700 experts on energy production and the climate. I feel like he should have a bit more of a nuanced opinion of nuclear than comes across in his writing.

But I haven't interviewed 700 people about it, so maybe I'm the one with the bad opinion. I am definitely affected by the fact that I went into my engineering career because, at 17, I wanted to help the climate by getting into nuclear energy production one day



oh my gosh, I think this is an interesting idea! I wonder what effect it would have on like food production and such. Like, the temperature would go down at a controlled rate, but we'd have less energy making it to plants, and even earth bound solar panels

I'm reading a book about renewable energy, and the author really hates uranium nuclear energy. He puts it right next to coal as an "expensive, dangerous and dirty" process.

I know it's not actually renewable, but does anyone have an insight as to why someone would have such fangs for it? It's definitely not expensive; france has almost no cost for energy because they use more nuclear than anyone.

He even admits a few times in the book that there are some things we need to live with as a transition to long term sustainable stuff, but wants to abolish nuclear asap.

@actionweek it is salvaged, but the contents we're not toxic ;) thanks for the advice. We're going to have fun with this

Hi I'm Brandon, aka Comrade Squidward on other instances. I wanted to show off the tiny first step we're making to being sustainable.

We took the down spout chain from our shed and directed it into a 55 gallon drum. We have more plumbing plans in store for this, plus a second barrel for the main house downspout. We're going to use it to water an herb garden we're planting soon :)


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