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@teslas_moustache @RadioAngel I just got an email from my gas company saying that "are suspending disconnections and waiving late fees on customer bills until we get past this crisis"

Ok, so I miss a payment and would normally be disconnected, what happens after the crisis? I'm sure they're coming for their money. Their altruism is bullshit.

Wow! Bandcamp has been given the hug of death from all the fans rushing to support bands!

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@ me with torrents (or links to lists of torrents) of ebooks you'd want to have on hand if the Internet and book distribution both went away.

Field guides for various regions, basic engineering and architecture books, medical texts. Better to have it than not.

Also, related, @ me with links to any good PDFs on decolonization, and indigenous anarchy.

My history is as a union organizer. I have a specific set of organizing strategies that I am familiar with, that work in a certain broad set of contexts. But they don't work in all contexts!

I'm going to use this thread to share some of the strategies and analyses I have learned as a union organizer.

I would like to encourage other organizers to respond to this post to share what strategies they have learned.

Please boost this so we can reach as many organizers as possible!

My IWW chapter has a solidarity fund to help workers who are facing hardship. If you can help, we can use it. If you can only share this, we can use that too.


If anyone wants a link to a my collection of ebooks, message me directly

OMG too many messages... too many platforms. Discord, Signal, Slack, all flinging messages at me. I can't keep up

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@kropotkhristian thank you for the tip! I looked into it and found a page describing how they did it: libreplanet.org/wiki/LibrePlan

It looks like they used an Icecast to stream it. That is a server/client system. What is was looking for was a peer to peer system where the stream is distributed by the viewers rather by a central server.

@kropotkhristian I couldn't find anything in my 5 minutes of searching. There was the defunct BitTorrent live and some whitepapers describing systems. I guess it isn't an easy problem to solve.

Why is there not an open source p2p streaming platform? Is it just too hard? I would think that for something like a twitch stream relaying would be something that would be possible.

@boobs_idiot no. Please no. Crap too late it is in my head. It won't leave.

@l4nn1312 EJ was on a wobbly's twitch stream trying to convince them. The wob was pretty hesitate because he didn't feel like we are ready.


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