Western exceptionalism isn't making a good case for itself here.

don't work in tech 

If you want to LEARN about tech, then awesome! If you want to work WITH tech, that's great.You can take those skills and interests and apply them to all sorts of work. All sorts of places use tech and need help desk, programmers, infosec, network engineers, etc that aren't tech companies.

I'm certainly biased, but if a company claims to be a "tech company" I would run the other way. I will not work IN tech again.

work (-) 

Shit, I'm bummed I'm missing the rescheduled Free Throw show because I had to get my booster on Friday to avoid missing more work.

We have a flexible time off policy which because means I can take time off when the boss says I can. If my boss feels like I'm taking too much time, they scold me.

I was sick earlier in the month and took two days so now I'm on egg shells.

It probably wasn't a good idea to go to the show anyway. Still a bummer.

Not only is Victor Nior the best goth name, the story about his monument is hilarious.

"Corporations are stealing my code to do bad things and giving nothing back!"

:sayori_dislike: dual-licensing as some kind of attempt at a grift/side-hustle that won't work since megacorp just won't bother to use your code

:sayori_like: licensing ethically/copyfarleft to preserve the commons while making sure corporations don't use your work for free and make your life harder

So I've been using sonarr and it works good enough but I'd much rather have something that works more like a DVR/podcatcher. I don't need to keep all episodes. I'd much rather keep the latest few episodes. Anyone know of an project like that?

Antivaxxers are taking sprio to prevent covid so I better stock up on pickles in case they empty the shelves.

Who am I kidding? The shelves were so empty at the grocery store this weekend.

(Please boost!)

Come work with me at Grindr! I’m expanding a diverse web engineering team so I'm looking for a Sr. Full Stack Engineer who will report to me. You'll help us build an exciting new web React application and modernize the Grindr dot com web site.

We offer a uniquely queer environment with great benefits (including Folx for your HRT needs!) and unlimited vacation.


Because what I do is scroll down until I see that last toot I saw last time and start scrolling up.

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I sort of wish Tusky listed toots in forward cron. I want to scroll down and move forward in time. It is less confusing that way.

@makeworld If you don't have the consensus algorithm it's just a Merkle chain. SSB is a Merkle chain. git is a more general Merkle tree. Reader caution: An actual Merkle tree may have a stricter definition, but these follow the general principle of it.

@akkartik @hkgumbs

it's fitness time 

darebee's fitness programs are officially non-gender-specific and ok for everyone to do, but it IS extremely funny how INCREDIBLY GENDERED some of their workout titles are

New Split Check pages are up! Oh? Oh! Oh.

Read the most recent pages over at @slipshinestudio@twitter.com or get started on Patreon ( patreon.com/itsnero ).

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #webcomics )

2021 was such a blur that I keep thinking dates in February 2021 are in the future

Oh shit, they're local to DC. Some chaotic, Electro-metalcore energy. Really good stuff.



I'm also putting a focus on using web0, or web0 inspired tech like Gemini. Basically, avoiding "The Algorithm" at all costs.

The only exception I have is for Instagram, which is where I get the latest news on local activism and news about bands. It is mostly a read-only affair and it is one of those "inboxes" that I clear and avoid the rest of the day.

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