How do you all do it? How do you not feel guilty for turning off the deluge of atrocity? I know I need to take care of myself but I also feel guilty that I'm being a bad leftist if I stop paying attention for a moment.

My kids got me a coffee cup that says "Mr Fix-It" and frankly the fact that I feel powerless to fix anything these days made my coffee taste extra bitter this morning.

((go buy that itch.io bundle for Racial Justice and Equality it's an unbelievable deal that won't come along ever again))

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I had a dream the other day. I dreamt that all my basic needs we're covered. I had housing, I had food. I lived in a society where those things were covered.

In such a world, I saw no need to listen to my boss. I was free to accomplish my goals, not the goal of some schmuck getting rich off my back.

It is all connected wobblies. If we build a world of Libertarian Socialism that prioritizes the well-being of all sentient beings in that world, bosses become obsolete.

These are stressful times. Don't forget to take care yourself.


If anyone needs binders, this person is buying them for BIPOC people


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I know better. I know I should be kind to myself. Give myself some time to rest. Give myself permission to turn off the Internet and video feeds for a moment but I feel guilty for not watching.

I feel guilty for feeling exhausted by this when BIPOC have been fighting this fight all their lives and I've just started.

I'm burnt out and I know our people are going to die tonight and I can't do anything to stop it.

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I feel so powerless. I'm hearing the president declare war on my friends peacefully protesting in DC. The police are gasing innocent people. The police shooting metal slugs wrapped in rubber into the eyes and throats of journalists doing nothing but filming. The police are attacking medic tents as medics are treating bleeding protestors.

The police are literally commiting war crimes against peaceful protestors and the country is cheering them on.

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Antifa isn't something you're a member of, antifa is just something you are.

hi folks. i'm writing a tracker software and i need an appropriately lofi 80s pixel art logo. hmu if you're a pixel artist looking for commissions!

(boosts appreciated)

BONUS: here are some other photos of me modeling the mask! i didn't end up using these on the ad bc they were a little too blown out lighting-wise. but i still like how they came out, lol gumroad.com/distressedegg#dBLM

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They're finally here! Show your terrifying true colors while staying safe with these QVP FACE MASKS! Made of a light yet sturdy washable cotton blend, these are great for quarantine errands, social events, or hypothetical criminal activities. Order now! gumroad.com/distressedegg#dBLM #QueerVillainPride

So I heard today that saying "folks" is seen as offensive or something?

The person who said it said that when he was in white spaces they discouraged its usage. He's POC and uses it all the time and didn't understand why.

Has anyone else heard that? If so, why? Is that why people started using folx? I can't imagine why it would be offensive.

There's something sickening about my hippy liberal cousin posting a video on Facebook to "just good with the flow", "breath every breath like it is your last", etc

There are literally people breathing their last breath right now. What are your saccharine platitudes doing for them? This shit only helps comfortable people feel more comfortable.

Holy crap, I overheard my wife talking about her friend starting a new company and she's insisting they they create it as a workers co-op

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pretty disappointed that billionaires don't live every day fearing for their lives

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