honestly after watching GOP politicians team up with gun-toting militias in Oregon to successfully get political concessions, I went from being neutral on the whole "leftists should have guns" thing to being _strongly_ in favor of it

My spouse bought this hat for me at Target. Doing my part to counteract the rainbow capitalism.

I need some new music to listen to. What are you obsessed with right now?

The state of Virginia sells Gadsen flag license plates. I've been thinking of something to stick on them. I looked for a clear 🚫 to slap on them but I couldn't. I thought about getting a roll of "for rectal use only" stickers but that's butt stuff shamey.

Anyone have any ideas?

Yesterday I saw an black and orange mutualist sticker on an Audi. It puzzled me. There is no way that person is a mutualist. The best guess I could come up for the meaning of their sticker is some kind of golf thing.

I don't get into fiction that often but I'm really into NOS4A2

"The people suffer. With the childlike faith, with the good humour of the masses who believe in their leaders, they think that 'yonder,' in the House, in the Town Hall, in the Committee of Public Safety, their welfare is being considered. But 'yonder' they are discussing everything under the sun except the welfare of the people."

-- Kropotkin


Question about radfem symbolism 

This streamer is so freakin wholesome.

Watch DeadAChek with me on Twitch! twitch.tv/deadachek?sr=a

my favorite shirt for rent day (selfie, no ec, you can boost if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, but if you can't boost and if you don't boost then you're no friend of mine, you do the safety boost, you do the safety boost!)

Anarchism does not mean refusing to acknowledge and learn from authoritative sources who know more than you. That said, you really have to be aware of the "experts" who have serious bias on different intersectionalities as well as academics in fields that are terrible who wade through so much shit they begin to love the smell of it (political scientists, corporate professors, economists, etc).

Also, as a general rule, TV news has entertainers, not experts.

HBO series reboot of “Girls” but they are all trans and Lena Dunham isn’t involved.

I have so many books from AK press books that I'm tempted to start leaving them in those "Little Free Library" boxes rich liberals put outside their houses.

"Today I'm gonna do my best /
to drink coffee in the morning and live as if / I didn't feel lonely and hopeless and helpless / to save myself or the world where I live"

many people have criticised communism for causing as much environmental damage as capitalism. we cannot afford to assume that a different eurocentric economic system will fix our problems with the environment, with racism, sexism, transphobia etc. there are many wars that are not the class war

I hate playing games with randos online but I like playing online. Anyone have Steam and want to play online?


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