This article really felt like I wrote it. I wish I had answers to when that itch vanishes. Often for me it is a warning sign that my mental health is heading towards the crapper. Sometime I'm just bored with my work.

Sadly my work's FTO policy is that I can only take time off after the current sprint or else I have to figure out how to make that time up to meet our sprint goal. I hate it. Taking a mental health days is made more stressful because I have the figure out how it make it up.

The Itch

family (-) 

I'm so glad I don't talk to my parents anymore. I cut them off before Trump and I'm certain that they'd be shitting on wearing masks and I would be so disappointed that the man that thought me about the importance of science in elementary school had been lost to the Trump cult.

Social Ecology and the Critique of Hierarchy - Srsly Wrong Podcast ep 219

The ecological crisis is a social crisis, and in this weeks episode the Wrong Boys have teamed up with educators from the Institute for Social Ecology to exp...

OMG, I never noticed the "Enable advanced web interface" setting.

I have been super overwhelmed by Mastodon's TweetDeck inspided interface. It always made me feel claustrophobic.

I'm so glad I can turn that off.

It's pretty weird the way so many of us have this cultural idea of what aliens look like, isn't it? 👽 Say the word "alien" and a lot of people will immediately think of little grey people with big heads and large black eyes.

It's as ubiquitous in modern culture as elves being pointy eared blonde archers living in forests, and dwarves having big beards, carrying axes, and speaking with vaguely Scottish accents for some reason.

Being a software engineer means having to justify every little thing in a code review and it is exhausting. Especially when the person doing the review is your boss.

ICE news from today 

The company I has done a pilot with DHS. I can't in good conscience continue to work for DHS but I can't quit. I've been looking for work for a while but no one will hire me :(

I feels like the way we hire software engineers is like someone hiring a carpenter by making them solve a puzzle box.

Like the only way to get through these problems is to spend your free time on Hacker Rank doing these problems all the time.

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I've been in the software industry for 20 years and I absolutely hate interview coding exercises that don't resemble anything you'd see in the real world. It is like they're designed to just make you sweat.

There's a concerning number of chuds in the Haskell community

Nothing like wiffing a HackerRank interview quiz to put you in a bad mood for the evening.

Wasn't meant to be I guess.

I tweeted about Haskell on my professional Twitter account and it sort of blew up and it is concerning how few non-men liked it. I think it is 2 of 27 at this point.

Rust on the other hand. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't reversed.

I'm sick and tired of writing bad code as fast as I can to make someone else rich.

Writing open source in my spare time is noble but won't put food on the table.

Who wants to start a engineering co-op in our spare time and figure out how to make a sustainable living

I really want to use Haskell but the cognitive overhead seems so great.

Sometimes I feel like the IWW is too much bureaucracy and not enough action

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