i wish more places that are "programming discussion" were more for "programming, the artform // programming as a means of production" and not "programming the profession"

reddit is especially bad for this

work (-) 

I'm so done with this industry. Things like Agile and "move fast and break things" has really sucked the joy out of this work.

It is like writing, reliable, tested code always takes the backseat to getting code out the door. I'd like to blaim my current employer but this is like the 3rd company that acts like this. I'm so fucking tired of it.

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work (-) 

I swear my boss and colleagues believe in PDD, panic driven development

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work (-) 

Nothing like getting to work and getting the old, "we're going to have to do a live PR because your code isn't standard conversation at standup".


i don’t give a fuck about your orders
fuck your imaginary borders
and these lies you tell to distort us

Whelp. I guess it is time to buy a pair of New Balances. I'm watching a video comparing pliers.

pol, death 

"If you were to drop dead right now, what would people say about you? The answer to that question will never be provided by how many internet arguments you believe you won. It won’t materialize based upon how many people you overtalked or abusively dominated. And, it won’t be influenced by whatever image of yourself you spent so much time constructing that has absolutely nothing to do with who you really are as a person."


Imagine if Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos decided they were going to use their wealth to build a private control center for their surveillance networks, hire an engineer form Lockheed martin to make them specialty weapons, pay a cosplay artist to make them a funny suite, and then start doing vigilante patrols to attack the marginalized.

That's why Batman sucks.

I just assume any guy named Max is a trans-man at this point.


"Honey, why are you late?"
"Well, you see. Umm. There was this bush..."

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So, if the bible is fake, then it is just story after story of men gaslighting their wives and children.

How did I miss "AD / BC: A Rock Opera". It is amazing

Tech Job opening on my team, boosts very cool 

My team is hiring for a Level 1 Information Security Analyst!

Trying not to dox myself: The company is worldwide but doesn't have worldwide hours, Fortune 1000, we're located in Portland Oregon and we're not fucking Intel or Nike (thank goodness). We also don't make bombs or work with the DoD so bonus points for not being evil (as much as you can in such a company so closely tied to global capitalism).

Culture is extremely queer-friendly, I'm openly transgender and lesbian and have received zero static from day one.

We're looking for fresh-outta-college type people or people looking to change careers who have good pattern recognition skills. Background in Analytics is of course cool, but we're also looking for backgrounds in Marketing, Journalism, GIS, General IT, you don't NEED a background in Information Security (we're good about teaching that stuff).

Position is based largely in the Portland Oregon area, but we're 100% remote work until at least February and likely longer (but that's just my opinion).

Any additional questions, please feel free to DM me. <3

pol, racism 

"dude, like, why are you defending a statue to a racist? Like. He. Is. A. Racist. Bro."

Nobody has ever shoplifted food and if you thought you saw someone doing it one time you were wrong and you definitely did not

The year is 2520, America has completed it's transition to Communism, but only by co-opting the language of our oppressors.

You swipe your Eagle Card at your Doctor's office, and the system determines that your Universal Liberty Care will cover the costs. It always does.

You stop at the McDonald's Co-Op and swipe again, and a fair fee is removed from your Universal Freedom Income
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