So, kolektiva seems to have gained a reputation of being full of insufferable manarchsits.

I keep warning people that it has that reputation, but I don't have much evidence to support that reputation. So, why did it get that reputation?

Can someone help me find a meme? I can't seem to find the correct search string to surface it.

It is a meme where a guy says something along the lines of, "you're making me do this" as he progresses down the alt-right pipeline. I think the final panel is him shaving his head.

Enough with the denigration of excess. I want a socialism that is so successful that we all have excess and luxury.

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Any laws that restrict autonomy are an act of violence, and should be treated as such. We have the right to autonomy. It is what all rights stem from: The right to decide for ourselves. Any restriction to that right is imprisonment.

These laws are enforced with violence. If you break an unjust law, if the police come, they will use violence, and lock you up. It is our duty to defend ourselves.

Any act against these unjust laws are acts of self-defense against a violence.

Remember that when you see liberals wringing their hands saying, "violence is never the answer". Self-defense is the answer to violence.

These fascists want to force their religious beliefs on us with violence and we can not let them.

We keep us safe. Stand up, fight back. If abortion isn't safe, they aren't either.







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You know what, I'm gonna say it.

Male anger is going to trigger the shit out of people who are already upset right now. I know everyone's angry. Please keep in mind that violent threats and men, in particular, losing control are scary to be around specifically to some of the folks who are feeling extra scared and vulnerable because of this week's SCOTUS decisions.

I get being angry. I'm incandescent. Be mindful of your audience.

Extremely unfriendly reminder that rich people will always be able to get abortions

Today is a great opportunity for community.

Let people be upset, angry and sad. Let people feel.

It doesn’t have to be pretty for it to be valuable.

Because we’re doing it together.

us pol 

They have lost all claims to freedom. Fuck them. They don't want us free. They want us under their boot heel. Fuck christo-fascism and fascism in all its forms. Anyone on the side of force pregnancy is a fascist.

Reminder: none of the rights you have as a person were won through peaceful means.

This is what happens when you allow "conservatives" a voice in society.

Stop talking to your "I'm not racist but" "friends". Your misogynist uncle. Your transphobic parents. Ban them from your life.

They're not going to stop here. They will criminalize transsexuality. They will criminalize same-sex relationships, not only marriage. They will criminalize inter-racial relationships. They will round up atheists. They will ban porn and burn books.

uspol + other countries’ politics 

I am so sorry for all the people in the US impacted by the news. It was expected, but it still hurts.

To those who live in other countries: Please, please, please keep an eye on what fascists and white Christian supremacists are saying and doing in your own country. They are taking notes of what has worked in their favour in the USA and will do anything they can to apply it to your local political scene.


I hope that women tear this fucking country apart.

See where “reaching across the aisle” gets you?

I want everyone that ever chastised me for how I moved to bigoted people to hang their heads in shame. Then I want them to buck the fuck up and actually fight back like you mean it.

Stop. Sympathising. With. Bigots. And. Christian. Fundamentalists.

Destroy them.

Ruin their lives.

It’s the only way you’ll be able to defend your human rights from the people hell bent on taking them away from you, if not your actual life.

No more “reaching across the aisle.” No more “hear them out.”

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Anti Trans reactionaries are rallying downtown. Help us show them they are not welcome in our city.

June 23 @ 10:30 am. Meet at Metro Center (12th & G St exit). Bring noisemakers. See you there!


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Which kim stanley robinson book to start with, you ask? How about the classic "literally any book by a Black author"?

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