DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus has voted to break off an form a new organization called Horizon. After reading the bylaws, it seems very centralized and I fear they'll have the same trouble that the IWW has with the national admin trying to centralize power while the locals try to retain their autonomy.

They also have a strange class system of the membership with members and participants with no clear reason why.


Oh wow, someone remastered the old DOS game Alley cat. This game is probably the reason I have anxiety.


Let's disprove something a transphobe claimed.
#transgender people, would you date another #trans person?
Preferably boost for a larger sample-size

Reading The Tyranny of Structurelessness, the classic 1970 essay by Jo Freeman on power relations in radical feminist collectives, and whoaaa this thing is sharp as knives! Still amused at the amount of butthurt it evidently caused anarchists jofreeman.com/joreen/tyranny.h

I want to take a moment to thank trans men for being a great example of non-toxic masculinity (even though I still don't understand masculinity fully and don't vibe with it). You embracing it made me appreciate parts of me that I wouldn't like otherwise, on many levels.

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I don't know how someone with a straight face can say, "you can pay $700/m" like they're doing me a fucking favor. 🤬

[redacted] an insurance executive.

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I now owe around $5k because my insurance is now refusing to pay for my kid's implant that they needed to prevent detransitioning.

[redacted] your local transphobe.

How do I filter out a hash tag in Tusky? I can't seem to find it.

Trans people's joy enriches everyone. A society that represses it stifles us all.


We price these high-quality stickers to sell in quantity to decorate your block, protect an area from fascist recruiting, & give to friends & family.

2.75"x4.25" rectangular sticker, black & red ink screen-printed on white vinyl.

Available here: etsy.com/listing/1267670162/tr

Original design by Mutual Adhesives. Inspired by @Vyen 's toot: queer.garden/@Vyen/10844662943

For those who don't know, like me, Reservation Dogs season 2 is out.

I kinda feel like the IWW should pull a scientology and hide their revolutionary ambitions until they have critical mass of the workforce.

I love the colors on this painting so much, and it was so much fun to do!
❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

80x100cm oil and acrylic on canvas

Pocket, also known as the app where articles go to die.

Sorry to ruin a joke, but that whole Karen thing is kinda gross right? Am I not the only one? We say in one breath not to body shame, be ableist, and whatnot; then in the other create a whole class of people who are bad just because they have a name.

Lets not create new arbitrary classes of people to denigrate solely on superficial reasons.

Sure the behavior is terrible and should be shamed, but why throw Karen's under the bus for what is essentially white privilege throwing a fit? It always rubbed me the wrong way.


Ugh, I hate that Industrial music fans think it is ok to wear fascist looking shit because they're being "subversive", nah bro, you're not being artful, you're re-traumatizing the victims of fascism.

There's a DJ in PA that calls himself panzermensch after the And One song and has worn a Nazi inspired uniform. These photos are so close to a Nazi uniform that I don't want to share them and re-traumatize victims of fascism.

When you ask if he's a Nazi, he's like, "nah, I'm cosplaying as a German steampunk general" dude, you're wearing a literal iron cross.

@norikawa Such a painfully perfect example of how software is inherently political.

How does Ethel Cain manage to get into my head so easily? I'll casually browse the internet and suddenly, "...and that's why I can never go back home" and my heart melts.

So I had heard about SOCKS proxies in the past, but never actually looked into them. They’re basically magic, and super easy to use. You tunnel all your web traffic over SSH to another server… the end result is you are now browsing from somewhere else, like a VPN but easier.

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