how does the Mastodon web interface not have j/k navigation? I'm I missing something?

Seeding the Epik leak data might help the community a lot right now. Just saying.

I was just thinking that with type holes, couldn't Haskell just figure out which things in scope can fit in the holes and figure it out for me?

Yes, it can now:

request for advice about synths 

ok music fedi, I have done my share of recording but I have almost always stuck to your typical guitar+bass+drums because I just don't know anything about synths. I'd like to dip my toes in using some VST plugin synths but I'd like some advice about where to start.

so what do you think? Is there a good freeware or cheap synth plugin you like? Or do you generate all your sounds with external equipment? Or a combination?

I know about modular synths but I do *not* need another thing to spend money on right now which is why I'd like to start with VST

Hmm. Here's a Haskell gig that's not fintech or a Blockchain scam. To bad it is in the UK.

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Why are all the Rust and FP jobs in industries I will not work for?

sometimes online leftist spaces legit look like a group project where everyone’s still arguing about whether to double space the essay fifty years after the due date

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As a bonus you can see the author used the literate Haskell as the source for the blog post here (I think):

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pol, Antifascism 

I don't know how Antifascist researchers fight the urge to clown on these fools. I'm monitoring a discord server that is just so rediculous that I'm fighting the urge to scream, "corporations are just as oppressive as the government"

Hot take: using imagery and phrases from fascist memes/dogwhistles in non-fascist memes is a form of spreading and normalizing fascist propaganda.

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like im gonna be real with you the punishment of hell might not be enough for some people

@ljwrites (It's also noteworthy, I thought now, that how, when shunned from more palatable orgs, these bigots tend to show their true colours way clearer, which yet another argument for deplatforming and kicking them out of institutions they have positions in. Don't let these people perform the Reasonable Conservative, Just Somewhat Skeptic.)

Damn. Reservation Dogs is so fucking good. Do yourself a favor and binge it.

Reviews like this make the blood, sweat and tears working on this adventure game while being an underpaid social worker in the US ghetto worth it. And yeah, let's make cyberpunk PUNK again!
#cyberpunk #indiegame #indiedev #scifi #indiegames #Steam

Religion (-) 

How ludicrous is the whole concept of "being saved?" Saved from what? I don't need to be saved from anything. Just a silly made up thing.

If you are a radical leftist, a friend, BIPOC, trans, and/or a sex worker I would happy to give a basic digital security training online for free. I've been doing them for about a decade.

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