Usually I don't like foids but this salmon is delicious

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I'm going to start using the suffix `-oid` instead of `-ish` so I sound smarter.

Conversation with a coworker:

me: "25 bitcoins is basically the dollar amount that our stock options be worth when we exit with in 5 years. Maybe I should just mine Bitcoin for 5 years."

them: "I would hope it would be more"

me: "Nope, that's basically what our CEO told me I'd likely exit with when I was hired."

them: "Oh I guess after we pay out all our investors that's probably right even though we've done all the work"

me: That's how capitalism works

them: I guess you gotta earn the right to tell everyone what to do

me: *screams internally about socialism*

I think I'm not settling until I find a remote gig. I'm probably going to take a pay cut though. Who would want to pay a DC salary for a remote employee when there's an equally smart engineer in rural Wisconsin who'll do the same work much cheaper?

Whelp my company is full steam ahead on working with war profiteers and working with the AF on drone and nuclear systems. I'm done. I'm not writing software to help people be better murderers.

I had to explain to my wife that in the software industry there is always someone out there willing to put in more hours and wanting to work 40 hrs a week is seen as a deficiency. I hate this industry.

"... like when you don't want to work that becomes your job"

How about we just give up on this whole capitalism experiment and go live in the woods. Who's with me?

I'm so fucking tired of being a professional software engineer but I'm paid too well to do anything else without putting a financial burden on my family.

I still love to code and create, I just hate to code and create for other people.

So my boss showed her hand by saying that we have to consistently work more thab 40 hours a week to reach our goals. That this is just what it takes to work at a startup. Fuck this. I'm done. I'm out. I like who I work with but not who I work for.

Who was the NYC wobbly that invited me to go to their branch's OT101? I'm all signed up and wanted to make sure I connect with you while I'm there.

I have a terrible habit of seeing something wrong, learning how to fix it, and then being satisfied when know the answer but doing the nasty work of applying the answer. This is especially true if it means being political and lobbying for change.

Things like Transformative Justice, Labor laws, anti-O, Agile, DDD, I read all these books on this stuff because I feel like there's something broken and then sit on my high horse and think, this could only be better if they just listen to me. How fucking smug am I. Ick.


It is so frustrating when we have the data but those in charge ignore it and do what they want anyway and what they want hasn't been working for as long as I've been here.

Teepublic's having a sale! Everything is 35% off. Not sure how long it's going on for, but it says the prices will increase in 35 hours, meaning at that point it'll be a slightly lower discount for however long.

My store:

Looking for a small to medium sized #golang project to review live on a Twitch stream. Who's brave enough? 😂

The plan isn't to criticize whatever it is you're working on, but to demo how I approach new projects and codebases, and to constructively show how one can easily improve their Go projects with the help of a few CLI tools. Don't be shy!

[Boosts appreciated]

Ugh. They did it. They convinced my to give WSL a shot because OBS full screen recording is a big 'ol turd in Manjaro. I expect lots of pain as I try to make my dev environment feel like Linux.

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