Since this summer the Greek government run a tourism campaign on how Greek summer is a state of mind and everything going on with moria and the refugees there this seemed relevant for today's protest

New ram modules installed getting that 16gb of good stuff

Solarpunk city planning. Since this is denmark suburbs I know it's white but if anyone could point me to some indigenous views on the subject that would be nice.

Those are the seeds I saved from one clementine that I ate

Finally managed to recycle an old pc 12v fan with a 5v to 12v usb buck boost converter and now I get a cool small but strong fan that works with usb ports!!! Yay!!!

Here is reusing old sewed table cloths with putting them close to lights that light up at night etc.

me: planning all my solarpunk projects for my future little piece of land I will own.

my future land:

Mold on walls 

Hey everyone if anyone has any tips on how I can fix these walls pls send word. I have thought of scraping off the cracked paint with moss on it put some spachtel on top and repaint it with bathroom appropriate wall paint

Spoons fucking found !!!! Yay!!! Those are some carrot and chilli seeds potted and watered with soil I just bought hope they sprout soon.

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