Tbh I have a little succulent which is dying on me and yeah i'm like an anxious parent looking after it every two seconds waiting to fing out if it's going to get better

i want to host a website/blog that has material for my uni so if anyone could suggest me a decentralised way to do that would great

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got bacon today and I just saw how to render bacon fat out of it so that's nice

reusing idea: gather a bunch of hand sanitizer plastic bottles and refill them with bulk bought hand sanitizer

Just assume that in any given point my house is covered with post it notes telling me all the diy projects i have to do

god nobody in my family knows how to cook except me and it shows

Trimming my undercut thoughts 

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"Are you the resistance?"

"No. I am the conductivity, this is the inductance."

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Music sketch diary #2. Prototyping. Generate music and synthesizers by sketching wavetables and scores. #openFrameworks #sonification #creativecoding #generative #synthesizer

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/jeonghopark/status

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My local grocery store sells quite a lot of African foods. One of the things they sometimes sell is baobab fruit. So I bought some!

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So apparently making a loom is quite easy if you have the tools and i mean i know we have a saw in the building plus i have some wood that could easily be turned into a loom uhm interesting

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version 4 has launched! tools for you to start your own project, and cooperate with similar projects across your area and the globe

These designs have already powered several awesome initiatives such as seamonkeyproject.com , which gathers and recycles ocean plastic

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processing all this mail and remembered a thing i do:
* carefully turn mailing envelopes inside-out and reuse them
* similarly, save all return envelopes, blacking out the pre-printed addresses
* call everyone who sends bs unsolicited mail and ask them to take me off their lists

i haven't bought new envelopes in years

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As it turns out bitcoin isn't all the useful when dealing with a hostile government other than for capital flight. Cryptocurrency was always a tool of the capitalist. It never freed the people of control. Only helped the wealthy skirt regulation and only temporarily at that.


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Sex worker raises $700k for the Australian Bush Fires by offering nudes against proof of donations, Instagram suspends her account.

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