I have a list of solarpunk things I want to do and one of them is visit all the places in my town that use faircoin since they are mostly shops etc.

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this BBC documentary is going on and on about advantages and disadvantages of robotisation while carefully evading the issue of capitalism and it's absolutely fascinating. this is bad faith in action right there

LOL!!! There is a workshop going on and some people have put up flyers but the thing is that this workshop is free to be attended by ieee members and requires everyone else to give 100/130 euros lol catch me tearing these flyers down tomorrow

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Also this wee interview with an old Korean anarchist that became involved in politics shortly after WW2 ended and Korea was divided.

Mr Kim says "Google Murray Bookchin"


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Asking for Help 

Okay I've learned how to use the fusible bonding tape on repairing my clothes!!! First you sew the hole then you iron on the tape. I've also ordered iron on jean patches for my socks because marking them as mine is important so my sister won't mistake them as hers.

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Mechanical carbon capture is less effective in every measure (carbon captured by space used, and also obviously by cost, energy, materials, and labor) than alternatives like reforestation and algae or @moss farms, but you can't patent and profit off of those so guess what we're gonna use

i've been seeing all kinds of good wood lately be left all over my city and it pisses me off that i don't have a bike/car to carry it with me so i can use it

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Just so everyone knows, most if not all of CrimethInc's library is available for free on archive.org:


It's all explicitly no-copyright and encourages sharing, so no guilt. Though it's still a good idea to actually order from them because 1. it supports them and 2. you get a ton of stickers and posters with every order

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#Afrofuturism; #solarpunk 

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I don't really think I have a point to this thread, other than maybe that people don't really look deep enough into their research about , ya know, helping to solve these problems? And in the process, they just spread misinformation? And often, it comes back to bite Natives in the butt?

And I can't help but feel a bit... suspicious... when white vegans claim that there is no such thing as ethical sources of leather and fur when Natives are... literally right there....

If you have airbnb in your city and see flyers/posters or advertisements for real estate offices try to take them down or paint them over. Make them advertising harder.

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if functional programmers are witches, then assembly programmers are druids, don't @ me

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PSA time


avoid doing unpaid image recognition work for cyberpunk megacorps and get through captchas automatically

though sometimes google says fuck disabled people and randomly disables the audio captcha, for reasons™
at that point i would recommend closing the tab

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🏩 unfortunate aid request 🏩 I’m a disabled/chronically ill afrolatinx trans person. My doctor thinks I have internal bleeding causing chronic anemia. He told me I need to get a colonoscopy & endoscopy ASAP (he tried to schedule it on my birthday next wk 😭). Problem is, it costs $250 per procedure for copay. I can’t afford $500. If anyone can help, I’d be so grateful. “Proof” in photos below. Plz boost. 💓

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

I'm thinking about writing a mix of everyday life in my city filled with solarpunk/lunarpunk and cyberpunk and I love the idea of a book or a comic

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❌ learning to code so you can get a well-paying job
✅ learning to code so you can flirt with robo girls better

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GM foods In-N-Out themselves should not be feared... a lot of should be stated that is long as you are using jeans from plants in other plants that are just fine... The issue was genetically modified food is if you are putting jeans in to create toxins that ultimately could make humans sick... Or if you're putting in DNA that was never meant to be consumed by humans... those are the kinds of issues that people should be concerned about... Not genetically modified things in general.

Block on GM rice ‘has cost millions of lives and led to child blindness’ | Environment | The Guardian

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