New ram modules installed getting that 16gb of good stuff

Does anyone know an open source calendar for Android because I have lots of things going right now with online classes and an app like that would be good

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Every year for the past 5 years, humanity has collectively spent over half a trillion US dollars on advertising. For comparison, it’s estimated that ending both extreme poverty and world hunger would cost $205 billion.

We live in a world where asking people to buy your product is a higher priority than improving human lives.

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Parents will let you read dozens of books about kids building their own societies in the wreckage of the old capitalist ones and then wonder why you grew up to think society can be improved somewhat

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Hey can y’all plz boost this? Donate if you can.

The Havasupai tribe is the most remote reservation in the lower 48. The village is accessible only by foot, helicopter or horseback. About 75% of the jobs on the reservation are tied to tourism and there’s a 15% unemployment rate. Roughly 15% of the community is elderly, many are diabetic or asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to coronavirus.

Due to the spread of coronavirus the tribe has had to suspend tourism within the reservation to protect tribal members from disease. Unfortunately, this is where they get most of their income. Please consider making a donation to make sure the Havasupai people and their animals have the food and protection they need to remain in their communities and stay safe during this pandemic.

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if you refuse to pay your rent because you "organized" with people on the internet, your landlord will just laugh and evict you

as many people as possible under a single landlord have to strike at the same time in order for the strike to be effective at all. plus, you need a plan, some kind of idea of what legal muscle you need to be able to summon when the landlord fights back, and an idea of how you'll deal with the inevitable blowback, because there WILL be blowback

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Heyyy! It's some "survival" / "prepper" shit from someone who's not white and probably(?) not a chud.

9 Survival Gardening Crops to Grow in a Post Apocalyptic World

Grow lights are definitely on the aesthetic side tho

Zoom meetings with my college professors while I play with my dog at the background is really stress free and nice tbh

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According to this toot, there are some ventilator manuals that are in danger of being taken down:

I have mirroed them onto the web using

Can anyone help seed? The easiest way is using Beaker Browser (


Solarpunk city planning. Since this is denmark suburbs I know it's white but if anyone could point me to some indigenous views on the subject that would be nice.

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Hey y'all, Philly Socialists, one of the most promising leftist organizations in the country, is raising funds to provide pabdemic disaster relief mutual aid across Philadelphia, one of the poorest major cities in the country. They do amazing work and pioneered the base-building model of organizing that has found so much success in tenant's unions and community gardens. Now they're responding to COVID-19

If you can donate it would be so impactful.

My plc programming software shows that my pc needs an upgrade desperately tbh

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If anyone wants to help me afford a laptop. Mine has officially died. I would appreciate it. I know this is not the ideal time to ask, but I use it to study and moderate SBC. (I'll mod from my phone for now).

today I put my clementine seeds which I had previously soaked into an egg carton with soil to sprout them and I also freshened up my own undercut so that's nice


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