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Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

Does anyone know if an ieee membership is worth it if my local chapter is inactive? Help a young engineer out pls.

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Microfic: Solarpunk Autumn 

The morning air has finally started to get a chill. This is still novel as you hold the hot, steaming travel-mug of tea in your hand. As you amble down the road you take the time to take in the changes in the city.

The trees and foliage that cover every structure around you have lost their vivid greens and are slowly becoming a sea of deep reds and vibrant golds. The wind has picked up in the last few days and there is a wondrous chorus of rustling.

As you make your way to the Farming lot at the heart of your neighborhood you check the schedule on your phone. The Automated system is reporting the pumpkins are ready to be harvested. By the looks of the algorithm results for distribution, there will be enough extra for some to be carved up for Halloween.

The local kids will like that. The ceramic ones people now use are less wasteful but there’s nothing like making a real jack-o-lantern when the opportunity presents itself.

You send a post out onto the local mesh network to see if anyone wants to meet up for hot drinks later, before putting your phone away. Time to get to work taking in the last of the summer’s bounty.

i started changing my themes from light backgrounds to dark backgrounds and yeah my eyes just thanked me so much

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your gender, should you choose to accept it,

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Since this summer the Greek government run a tourism campaign on how Greek summer is a state of mind and everything going on with moria and the refugees there this seemed relevant for today's protest

So can anyone think a variation of the phrase (greek summer is a state of mind) that would be good for a sign at a protest on what is going on with moria and the refugees there? pls let me know and i may make it

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But like, you need to learn the skills. You were probably taught how to shop for clothes at the mall, if you grew up like me. Learning to repair clothes, or make them is a whole new thing to learn! That maybe you never had the benefit of a family or community to teach you. Capitalism & co actively push us to forget these skills and depend on "shopping skills" instead. This keeps us locked in.

This is why, I think, teaching each other skills is so so important.


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Any tips for composting inside an apartment?

Had a package come with so much bubble wrap that we will be well insulated this winter just from that

honestly there is another line of sappho that goes "May you sleep on the breast of your tender woman companion " and now i'm thinking about getting that tattoo

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thinking about doing a "sappho willing" tattoo on my upper thigh everyone thoughts???

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I was saving the activated charcoal from my water filters for my compost but I put it in my succulents soil to help with drainage.

if anyone knows how I can grow algae (any type) without getting a sample from somewhere pls tell me

The fact that people actually taught us in english and french or german for a lot of our middle and high school education but never bothered to teach me my dialect speaks volumes of how colonised the concept of europe is

Solarpunk rpg prompt 

A garden made from a completely automated electronic robotic system that still provides greens while taking care of itself protected by an artificial intelligence who has the sole purpose of treating and protecting the plants. Any excess greens and fruits are provided to humans for credits that help in the upkeep of the garden and the ai. The problem arises when the ai has to start choosing between itself and the plants knowing that the plants can survive without it for a time but not forever so if it isn’t functional it would kill them long term but denying them the help they need would just kill them sooner.

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