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Indigital: Indigenous storytelling, sharing circle, and hackathon starts tomorrow, it's free.

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If this 3rd stimulus passes, i don't think a single adult dependent will see their money. It's too easy for families to side with ableism and say 'we're feeding you, it's ours' or 'you don't ever contribute'. Further robbing the disabled, elderly, and chronically ill that are giving most, if not all their income to help their families stay afloat.

This is not how it should be. But this is how it was designed. Stimulus checks go to the person declaring 'adult dependents' ...

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Looking for work 

I'm a UI/UX designer and I'm really in need of a job, someone suggested I post something about it here, so I'm doing it.

I can also do general graphic design, like logos and whatnot, but I do specialize in UI and UX.

I have a portfolio at and I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this, since I don't really have an income at the moment and I'm dependent on my parents who are... not great.

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Wheres the porn for comrades? Like it starts out at food not bombs, or after a successful Earth Liberation Front mission or something.

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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: Day 1
The Basics

Aromantic, often abbreviated to aro, is someone who experiences little to no romantic attraction.
:aromantic_flag: is the aromantic flag

Aromanticism is actually a big spectrum of experiences.
There are plenty of identities on the aromantic spectrum including demiromantic, only experiencing attraction when an emotional connection has been made, greyromantic, experiencing little attraction or only in specific circumstances, quoiromantic/WTFromantic chosing or not being able to differentiate romantic and platonic attraction. There's plenty more identities!

Aro encompasses a wide range of experiences. The only thing common to all aros is experiencing little to no romantic attraction and chosing to identify as aro.
Some aros are asexual, others are allosexual. Some experience other kinds of attraction, some dont. Some enter into romantic relationships, some stay single their whole lives.

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It's aromantic spectrum awareness week!
:heart_aro: :heart_aro: :heart_aro:
I'll be posting aro stuff throughout the week. Shouting out aro artists, going over aro terminology, talking about amatonormativity and more.

I wanna hear your aro questions! Is there anything you wondered about? Anything your curious about? Confused about all of this? Anything else?
I'm gonna answer them!
The only limits are don't ask me about my personal sex life and ask questions out of genuine desire to learn more. Everything else is a-ok!

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anyway once we've all finished having to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling about Iron Eyes Cody existing, here is an actual cool bit of hollywood native american history that i think should be more widely known

Marlon Brando was nominated for, and won, an academy award for his performance in the Godfather

but he was rightfully pissed off about how he was getting praise for this when there was bigger shit out there happening

so he sent this absolute amazing woman, Sacheen Littlefeather, to refuse the award on his behalf, because he could not rightfully accept it while the academy was being so unjust to native americans, and he would rather lose out on the award to specifically give a native person a platform to share her concerns

she was quickly rushed off-stage after being told she couldn't read the full speech about recent injustices against native americans and got a shitton of death threats etc. for it, and was never given an opportunity to say more than the little snippet at the time. she literally got booed off the stage by very angry hollywood types.

she remains a stone cold badass who is still active in activism for native rights as well as a career in health and hospice care, absolutely solidifying her status in my eyes as an amazing badass.

there's a documentary out recent-ish about her called Sacheen: Breaking The Silence that i need to hunt down and watch. and the documentary Reel Injun bc i've heard it's excellent too

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this website sucks more and more over the months specifically because white people run off all the good posters.

thanks for reading

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there is no wrong way to experience euphoria or dysphoria. you can't help it. that's literally fine. the people who would shame you for the things that make you self conscious or upset are shitty people

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making the battery for your device inaccessible is a crime against god

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Most men will receive their first bunch of flowers at their funeral.

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On a whim disassembled a Nest smoke detector I had laying around and sure enough there’s that tiny little microphone. Apparently the Nest thermostats and most of their other devices have microphones as well. Note that there’s no (advertised) voice recognition capability or any real technical reason to be so equipped. These devices are always connected to your wifi network, and notorious security risks. Don’t say anything you don’t want potentially recorded around ANY networked electronic device.

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Yeah with covid social interactions are weird because I don't mind sharing and talking to people irl but the moment I'm behind a screen boom there is a problem and my mental health goes downhill since I don't really initiate convos and everyone else after a while seems to contact me just to ask something related to uni/work.

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*transes my gender* can't talk, doing hot enby shit

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(phone) brands 

apparently the Open OS isn't a thing for the Fairphone 3

...why?! That was the best part of it

Why is a good phone with a google-free OS that doesn't require much technical knowledge so hard to find

Does anyone know anything about the google-free Shift OS? I know the fairphone 2 made it easy to switch between the two versions of the OS, do do that as well?

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✨🐰Farewell, little bunny🐰✨
‘Go jump and play with the spirits of this forest.
You’re finally free’

(This one is for the animal lovers😌)

#fantasyart #digitalart #mastoart #illustration #creativetoots #rabbits #bunny #animallovers #art #drawing #whimsical #spirits #nature

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