This week in the , it's week!

These used to occur more Dec-Jan but the shift to more Jan-Feb timing appears to be what we get with climate change.

Sitting up in bed, looking at the long-range weather forecast....

they say for the starting a week from now.

I want it to snow on my mom's 78th birthday, because then the dog can run around like a goof, and I can film it for her and she can watch it back when there is no snow.

Planning a birthday for a 78-year-old person developing memory loss is much like having a birthday for a 5-year-old. We just need to do one silly thing she really likes, and I'll bring cupcakes from our favorite bakery.

Snapped this picture when walking home from the grocery store yesterday. I have no idea what this shrub is but I love how it produces a blue winter berry.

At I got to hear a talk abut Emotional Anarchy co-presented by Jahed Momand, "a -based anarchist interested in epistemological anarchism and radical approaches to science."

C4SS just posted an interview with him from that weekend on

Is it just me or does this look like it's wicked that a bear shat out a Halloween witch?

occult-esotericists-ceremonial-magickians, if you aren't busy the weekend of the , you might consider Mortlake & Co's Texts & Traditions Colloquium, held inside one of Seattle's oldest Masonic lodges. Bookfair is free (not counting your shopping) and lecture series can be ticketed for single days or whole weekend.

Building a in the , from WSU College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences

Head's up (and ), looks like systems coming in back-to-back starting Sun afternoon, could be another 5"-8" of snow in the city (more outlying)

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