uspol/ trump guilty as fuck 

anti-Trump bumper sticker 

Found these beauties a block from . I'm guessing these stickers went up when the $$ hit the PAC about a week and a half ahead of the fall election. This topic isn't getting anything but more heated over the next decade.

You need to by tomorrow, .

Every opportunity to vote during your entire life is important.

spotted in along an alleyway in Ballard

As a descendent of Holocaust survivors, I really want to go knock on the door and ask if they can explain exactly how the sign is going to get antisemitism out of the White House.

Taped in the window of the Full Pint Brewing Co, Pittsburgh

this really seems to sum up the current governmental administration. A bit of Aurora Ave wisdom in .

uspol/sticker art 

This Channel sticker was randomly dispensed to me from a grocery store vending machine, and I think it was well-worth the 50 cents it cost me. Time to find a good place to stick it.

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