blossoms in sugar will leech the flower properties into the sugar and naturally form a cough syrup over the course of several weeks. As the sugar collapses in the jar, you add more fresh blossoms.

Every other day I tried to add more blossoms and I think I've reached capacity on the syrup project. I just have to try and keep it in the sun now and let it all turn into delicious, medicinal goo.

That I put up in July was just filtered for a first time. This was warmed to the point the remaining sugar crystals collapsed and then sieved to get rid of petals.

The flavor is ambrosial (what is faery flavor?), but the texture is shitty-gritty and I'm going to have to warm it up a bit to thin it and put it through a fine cloth to remove millions of teeny plant bits.

Good for colds and lung ailments.

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