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Quick MSpaint shit doodle. I was thinking "what if cities had mascots like Gritty?" and then expanded it to "what if a solarpunk anarcho communist city had a mascot" so here they are

if anyone remembers natter, it kind of reminds me of this site. rly close knit bc there's like 2 people on here, lots of shitposing, etc.

ok i think i have this site figured out now but i need to follow people to make it interesting :starry_eyes_ms:

HOW COULD I FORGET.... i really love my pet rats and if you ever want pictures of them feel free to contact me lol πŸ€

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hi it's me.. idk what name i'm gonna stick with on here bc i don't like my old one but anyways. i use they/them & i'm big into (furry 😬 ) art and the circus aesthetic (not sure if aesthetic posts are as big on here as they are on tumblr). hoping to also find information about repair/tinkering/activism/self-sufficient farming/etc. & i'm really into computers and coding too but not to good at it lol. sorry for the long post but i hope i can enjoy my time here 🌞

how do i use this i just came from tumblr lol

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.