My Venus flytrap is starting to put on new growth so I must be doing something to keep it happy 🙂

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For , I present Bat Flight at Carlsbad. If you can go, it's wild. Was able to go in September of 2017. Roswell, NM is close by too if you're into aliens. 👽

Bat Flight Program - Carlsbad Caverns National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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If I was a dictator anyone with a golf club membership would be forced to personally assist in re-wilding courses, eating any balls that they find in the process.

@scottishwobbly yep, the community fridges seem like a step in the right direction! And it’ll be good to have the infrastructure and means of provision in place for when capitalism finally eats itself

@socalledunitedstates that’s cool (no pun intended), looks like they’ve been going for a couple of years now!

@scottishwobbly these are pretty cool to read about, I will remain cautiously optimistic

‘A community fridge is opening in Pollokshields in a bid to reduce food waste and encourage sharing between locals... It looks to enable residents and local businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted’

This looks interesting, does anyone know if this has worked well in other areas?

We were trying out this method of leaf propagation in class today, I can’t wait to see the tiny new plants emerge

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Green infrastructure and public space is never apolitical. Designers are in the middle of it and should not shy away from taking a position.

#ecology #urbanism #city #gentrification

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I added a self-care page to the wiki:
Please help contribute in any way you can.

From a sad person that needs help, to all the other sad persons that need help, this is for us, this is for you.

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Oregon state university is running a free online course from April the 22nd to May the 20th

If you enroll and need an accountability partner, feel free to contact me :blobderpy:

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Follow up to the permaculture course I posted yesterday, I found this on the same platform:

Governance in Co-operatives
Jan 21 - Mar 12, 2019

It starts tomorrow an requires a commitment of 3hr/week
This might be of interest to a lot of people around here.

I am considering signing up, if you want study partners, get in touch in the mentions 👇

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It turns out, some plants can hear! Their flowers can hear the sound of insects buzzing around, and they react by sweetening their nectar to make pollination more tempting.

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"As late as fifty years ago large portions of the fruits and vegetables consumed in New York and Paris came from nearby market gardens, sometimes on soils greatly enriched, if not almost manufactured, with urban refuse, as Kropotkin pointed out in Fields, Factories and Workshops [Kropotkin, 1899]."

- The Natural History of Urbanization

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