Hi, I’m Kirsty, I’ve been on Mastodon since the big fleeing of Twitter in August and I’m now putting down some adventitious roots in

I’m a horticulture student in Glasgow, Scotland and my main area of interest is local food production but anything related to plants, soil, the environment, climate etc is my jam.

The usual caveats apply: nae TERFs, nae SWERFs, nae Nazis


@rapunkulus I've only been on here for half an hour and I see a fellow Glaswegian, amazin

@1000diodes weyyyy (this is exciting because for some reason I’ve not come across as many Scottish people on Masto as I expected)

@rapunkulus there are dozens of us! literally dozens!

is there a scottish instance mibby? tbh I'm no really sure how to look for other ones now that I've joined this one

@1000diodes I never even thought to check, did a search there and found a few but they all look pretty dead

@rapunkulus aw, guttin :/

*continues to try and figure out how mastodon works*

I tried to log in on another instance's page and I got told my email wasn't valid, is that normal?

(I'm sorry for turning this into a tech support convo btw, don't worry about it if you don't wanna)

@1000diodes ah, to use another instance you would have to set up a separate account with them

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