@wraidd @kittybecca@masto.jews.international if you do spanish you can also do spanish to esperanto and get practice using both languages without translating them to english

SBC meta, I guess 

@AnarchyonGallifrey @notreallyremus later the issue of them still being on the instance, dispute their associations and other issues with them was raised, and they were banned, but not before a lot of talk about sunbeams whiteness problem had taken off

SBC meta, I guess 

@AnarchyonGallifrey @notreallyremus
this went on for some time and didn't really end until someone made a post about issues with sun beam city, most of which was bureaucratic stuff making getting involved in the coop difficult and unfriendly, but also racism, which i got the impression was related to the 2nd incident and maybe the 1st

this lead to changes in sun beam city and the xr activists decided to stop running the xr account

it also lead to a former (white) member telling everyone that sunbeam city was irredeemably racist and should be shut down, i think this was to a significant extent them showing off to there friends

3rd a member who turned out to be friends with a admin of free speech exstreamist asked to be admin, the issues of their association where raised, and the were rejected, but they were not banned

SBC meta, I guess 

@AnarchyonGallifrey @notreallyremus i remember three incidents, there may be others, but i am not aware of them

1st some one came here complaining that they got blocked by someone for telling them they shouldn't crisis boarders, they seemed to think someone from turkey couldn't criticise the racism of irish boarder system because of turkish human rights
they got lots of criticism for this from members of sunbeam city and they apparently agreed to reconsider there views on boarders, i dont know if they have improved they blocked me

2nd some extinction rebellion members were defending/minimizing racist incidents from extinction rebellion
they got lots of criticism from other sunbeam city members,

spicy anarchist take in shitpost format 

tired: "everyone deserves a living wage so they can afford to live."

wired: "no one should have to pay for food, healthcare, housing, or education in the first place."

@alyaza @Awizadofearthsea @puffinus_puffinus @lilly sounds excellent, i would worry if somone hadn't done it before they might not know what they were getting in to

whats this cccp thing? i think i can read something about direct democracy

@alyaza the ussr had a long history of attacking anarchists and everyone else on the left that wasn't under there control, so they are constantan, if not using quite the same terminology

@fruechtchen @radikalgrafitio

Does anyone of you know a good hoster that can set up a mastodon or pleroma instance with a high character limit?
I can't do it myself.

@goat i remember we mandated the cafes on campus to use fair trade coffee one time, although that may not have made things better

a guy got an alternative added to the ballet to make it optional, which lost substantially

he had previously lost against ron when standing for a position unopposed

Enough is Enough: **#Italy: Microphones found in buildings in #Pisa and #Follonica**

"Italy. On january 31st we found microphones* in the Anarchist Garage in Pisa, as well as in the house of a comrade, in Follonica."


#anarchism #bot

Joking about Jordan Peterson's addiction and treatment 

Man goes to a Russian doctor.

"Doctor, I am addicted to benzos"

Doctor looks at him and says: "The treatment is simple, great psychologist Jordan Peterson wrote great book "12 rules for life". Go and read it. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says "But Doctor… I am Jordan Peterson"

@garfiald i used to love this film, and the one where they got to britain, i had most of the books too

eugenics, racism, ukpol 

so the government hired a man who advocates eugenics, and the prime minister refused to say if he thinks black people have lower iqs or if he supports eugenics


the eugenics adviser has quit now, but this is where things are with the uk government right now

Enough is Enough: **#Seattle: BNSF Rails Blockaded in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en**

"Seattle. WA. In solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation, all of the rail and port blockades across so-called Canada, and everyone taking to the streets."


#anarchism #bot

trpol - gezi park trial 

I still can’t believe it but the judge acquitted everyone in the #GeziTrial in Turkey.

alt-right, homophobia, antisemitism 

I forget if I mentioned it here but I ran into a think a bit ago about "Should we allow gay people in the alt-right?", arguing "no" against some other people.

And basically the core/whole of the argument was "ACTUALLY you are WRONG when you say homophobia is a Jewish Conspiracy! It is HOMOSEXUALITY that is a Jewish Conspiracy!".
The entire way through.
Absolutely *chef's kiss*, I was laughing so hard.

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