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i struggle so much with mourning family members that have been - objectively - awful the entire time i can remember them, but still showed they cared/had their good moments

so yeah... i'm all messed up

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cold: reducing your personal energy use and upcycling your trash because it'll save the planet
bold: reducing your personal energy use and upcycling your trash to reduce your dependence on capitalism
gold: working together with your community to build sustainable alternative infrastructure to reduce your dependence on capitalism AND save the planet

turns out that people have tried to take denote irony in text for centuries. some of my favourites include:
- โธฎ
- ยก
- ~ adjacent to the punctuation

I like โธฎ best, but it's not available on my keyboard(s).

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mh, morbid 

is this low grade panic or mycotoxicosis? :thinknyan:


I'm really just a slut for hills and mountains and greenery!

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Using deciduous plants for solar temp control is such a mindblowing and obvious-in-hindsight idea

Plant deciduous climbers over your south-facing wall to insulate/cool the wall during the summer without shading it in the winter! Plant deciduous trees in front of windows! Designing with plants is so cool and it's the closest thing we currently have to widely available biotech!!!!

food, generosity 

parents went to Slovenia for a crafts (carpentry) fair and to see some people about a bunch of planks for dad, and they came back with fresh-out-of-the-wood porcini that one of the men gifted them (apparently he also persuaded his friends to part with their porcini and cleaned out his stores at home), just because mum said she liked them.

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"The most dangerous phrase in the language is, 'Weโ€™ve always done it this way'" - Grace Hopper

mh (-) 

I can't really remember the last three (?) days ๐Ÿ˜“

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I hate subscription based software so much. We overpay way more than we should already.

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my bro made me a coffee and gave me a hug and I feel somewhat better

and an even more important question: where is Morpheus the cat???

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my favourite type of packing: the slapdash /irony

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