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stop defining bisexuality in a way the bisexual community continues to say is incorrect 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

my first snog was at a paolo nutini concert.

(I just saw one of his songs mentioned and I remembered)

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ways to interpret me favoriting your post 

- you're a cutie (not flirtatious, if selfie)
- I like this photo you shared
- I agree
- I sympathize with you
- I feel for you
- solidarity
- support
- you are seen
- you matter
- I hope things get better
- I am happy for you
- I believe in you
- you can do the thing
- you have a great attitude
- I understand you
- you are facing struggles disproportionate to your mistakes
- I know things will get better for you
- hang in there
- I have been there


mum: you can't make pasta with cabbage* without a spoonful of sugar. it just doesn't taste right

me: challenge accepted

*regional dish; krpice sa zeljem originally

tl;dr i look way younger than i am 

today a lady asked me, "so do you go to secondary school? primary school?"


"oh, which faculty? what year?"

"medicine, third year..."

🤯 "i didn't realise... you're umm..."

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there's an article in Uncanny Magazine - Issue 24: Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction! about my favourite character, Miles Vorkosigan who is both disabled and neuroatypical.

here's the link if you're interested

➡️ uncannymagazine.com/article/mi

I went with dad to install(?) a kitchen that he made and when we finished the lady there was surprised that we "managed to work all day".


@liliana you can make pasta with lentils (sauce). lmk if you want the recipe

my brother and I got into a habit of just pressing our cheeks together instead of giving cheek kisses

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When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

took a mental health day. among other stuff: I caught up on some tv shows, knitted about 3/5 of socks (my first pair!) and ran a bunch of errands for mum which included a fair amount of driving around. (I rarely drive for a lot of reasons and I hate the idea of driving around without a purpose/when purpose is driving itself, but sometimes I just really enjoy it)

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PSA: If you're a , please, if you can, design your stuff in the grid! Modularity makes things so so much more sustainable, by making them easy to repair, customize, repurpose, and reuse - but the benefits only come with widespread adoption


Please boost this if you support sustainable inventing!

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Gonna re-up a thread from Twitter, so mute me for a bit if you don't want a dozen and a half recommendations of women musicians to check out on Bandcamp today…

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