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* voice* alright. so ive got a few ideas on how to stop capitalism. first we let vines grow over all the buildings on wall str-

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Enough is Enough: **Czech territory, #Prague: #Klinika social centre mounts eviction resistance**

"After two years of back and forth, police and private security have been sent in to clear out the autonomous squatted Klinika centre, which has been an important cultural and community building since it opened in PraÔÇŽ"

#anarchism #bot

#Klinika squat in #Prague was evicted today. Activists have been successful in delaying the eviction for one day, using non-violent blockades. There are still people on the roof.

#Klinika was the only trully autonomous space in Prague (and in CZ) and also a very important project in the local squatting history.

It is not clear what is going to happen next - re-occupation is one of the options. Right now it is important to support the people on the roof.

(photo by

Mh (~) 

When your brain doing a hecking trash but you make a list and its maybe not impossible

It's a crime against everything holy to even call this thing tea. If I die from drinking this please fulfill my legacy and get this shit banned by the UN, thanks.

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I just bought tea from the coffee machine and it has this weird brown foam on it. Worst purchase of my life.

Unironically enjoying things and showing honest emotions is punk as fuck.

Sometimes I really hate how cynical and ironic online millennial culture is. Nothing is funny, you're not allowed to enjoy anything, whatever you do it's met with sarcastic remarks. I feel like it stems from insecurities and resentment and it's sad to see people act like that.

stop arguing about which computer is the best or which OS is the best. all computers are the worst. dont use them

police violence, swatting 

pretty interesting that we've just come to accept that swatting is a thing. like its just normal that cops are fucking brainless instruments of doom that will blindly maim or kill anything you put in front of them


With the news of the "schism" between Constantinople and Moscow over Ukraine, I'm reminded of what the contemporary Orthodox Church is: a cesspool of nationalism, homophobia, superstition, misogyny and stupidity.

Sure, there are always a few smart, open minded laypeople, theologians, or clergymen but they never speak up, never publicly. There are also those that work quietly to ease the everyday pain of the people. They also never really challenge the rot inside the church.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether your Christ rose or not, or whether your God exists or not or your history is the embodied energy of the Holy Spirit or not. You strangled them long ago or you sat as silent bystanders, never speaking against those that did the strangling.

Ah, Orthodox Christians, you sneer with the weight of authority of 20 centuries of intellectual tradition that the upstart philosophers declared God to be dead. But it's you! You are the ones who killed your God off!

@hanny while you were busy converting the straights, i studied the gays

If any of you ever need a math consultant for your naughty teacher porn blackboards PLEASE contact me, PhD students don't make enough and I want to put hilarious overly well-thought out math in unlikely places and I'm available for very reasonable rates

ecosocialism rant (2/2) 

boosting productivity and shrinking quality of life, constantly feeling like everything is way Too Much and moving way Too Fast, degrowth is this

~~big, softe, gentle, exhale~~

and it's gonna be so fkn nice.

seize the means of energy production, build economies of care, build a world where we can focus on the arts our communities and ourselves, open every border, we can totally survive this

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ecosocialism rant (1/2) 

i think what's so personally seductive to me about degrowth n' ecosocialism (beyond, like,,, mitigating ecocide, reparations to the global south, saving earth from being boiled etc etc) is that it represents Takin' a Freakin' Break on the largest possible someone born and raised in the neolib anxietyscape of maximized GPA efficiency, hypercompetition, self-production/performance/commodification, the promise of massive personal debt and 100yrs of unpaid internships

PF 2019
To all folks of good will,

remember to be soft but powerful, strong but caring, kick ass with precision, devour your masters and love tenderly with a burning passion. Live each day like your last. I believe in you whoever you are.

Yours truly,

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