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expectation for running a zoo social media: look at our cute lion cubs!!!

reality: the male birds are fucking, Lorie. by choice.

Would be cool to have two partners, just for the distinct combat advantage.

Science papers are always full of figures, but very rarely are they to scale, but in this astrophysics paper, which Iā€™ve never heard of an astrophysics paper having a figure to scale, the authors included a 1:1 scale of a 5 Earth-mass back hole. So take 5 Earths worth of mass, compress it so it curbed spacetime infinitely, and this is how big that would be.

My hand for scale, donā€™t let your actual hand get that close to a real black hole though.

1. Advertising shits in your head, it is a form of visual and psychological pollution.

2. Removing/Replacing/Defacing advertising is not vandalism, it is an act of tidying up that is both legally and morally defensible.

3. The Visual Realm is a Public Realm, it is part of the commons, it belongs to everyone, so nobody should be able to own it.

4. Outdoor Advertising can and should be banned, Sao Paulo did it in 2006, Grenoble followed suit in 2015.

my marine ecology professor is such a mood:
-65, wrinkled, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans
-calls everyone (esp cis men) ā€œsisterā€
-just told a male student ā€œkeep goin baby, youā€™re almost thereā€ as he was struggling w a definition
-says rad abt 3x per lecture

francis fukuyamas the kind of guy to take a shit and come out like "the end of shits is upon us. Mark my words: no more shits "

Recently I thought about how Deleuze conceived of philosophy as the production of concepts and how art is in a sense similar except it produces emotional concepts instead of rational ones. Both art and philosophy help us create new language which we use to interpret and communicate the world around us.

Sometimes I post contentā„¢ and sometimes I don't and that's ok

Not only is a bandana fashionable, it helps hide your identity!
šµš’Ŗš’©š’°š’® š’Æš¼š’«: Pack a second one soaked in vinegar and sealed in a zip lock bag to protect your eyes, nose and mouth from tear gas!


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when you fuck up by coming to the exam too early so the teacher has a lot of time to thoroughly examine your knowledge of the topic

Normalise not knowing things.

You don't need to always know things, and you don't need an opinion on everything.

In fact, sometimes it's better to not know things. That means you have the chance to learn something new!

hulloh there ol' chum! im gnot a gnome, im gnot a gnoah, im a gnoam, and you've been GNOAMED

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