@joeyh as an uninformed nonUSian, I'd assume you'd need control of the senate to get rid of the filibuster? Since that's where the filibuster is right? And due to the filibuster itself, dems don't have control of it.

@JulianOliver yes that's what I mean, wouldn't they just have to update the browser code to get the keys to leak?

@JulianOliver could they have legally and technically installed new software on the server that made people leak their keys and documents?

At the new bluestockings. Where spreadhouse used to be.

(Sometimes things get BETTER in this city)

@theruran @nonlinear 3rd party cookies is commonly used for e.g. single sign-on. I was using it as late as last year to have users have smoother log in (in an app without tracking).

holocaust, stranger things 4, petition 

I haven’t yet started watching #StrangerThings4, and now I’m not sure that I should 😳

Please watch this short explanation on the clocksite: tiktok.com/@analyzingantisemit

Then sign this petition if you agree: change.org/p/hold-netflix-and-

Are there good online "event" platforms? Like you're hosting a conference and you want:
* A webpage to link people to with the latest info
* (email) notifications to people who've requested that, when there's new info

Most people here use fb events but we want to avoid that. Mobilizon is probably good enough in the future but not yet (requires creating an account for notifications). Right now we're going full on 2005 and having both 1. a blog for online info 2. an email newsletter people can sign up to for news.

@nonlinear my rationalization for this is that it's probably super hard to design UI for this?

@davegomez i feel like you need to update your crossposter, this retweet is pretty useless


Apple is a corporation. They exist to consolidate capital in the hands of their shareholders and their C-level executives.

They don't give a fuck about you. They don't give a fuck about privacy.
They operate slave-labour factories in China and elsewhere.

@dylanvanassche yeah i just had higher expectations on distro maintainers

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