People should start tagging the unionized Starbucks locations in

@teslas_moustache would be great, unsure if there is a "unionized shop" attribute in OSM but there shoud be. (Then on clients priority could be given to said unionized shops)

@fabianhjr I believe you can create new tags. Can't remember. Haven't messed with for a while.

@fabianhjr yes. I just added the tag "union:no" to a location using OSMand.

@fabianhjr the Brits would probably want "union_labour:no" to avoid ambiguity.

@teslas_moustache it could be beneficial to add a quest to StreetComplete. >:3

Quickest way to crowdsource that data.


@teslas_moustache @fabianhjr I've been wanting an app that shows me places where I can be inside without being expected to consume. Could osm solve this in theory? How much lobbying would I have to do to make it a thing?

@powersource @teslas_moustache not sure

In my experience only hackerspaces would be like that. :/

(At least those are the places I would look for here in Mexico)

@fabianhjr my default is to find a library, but a hackerspace is great too if i can find one in the town

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