I propose that the number of mathematical articles on Wikipedia are Uncountably Finite.

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@mira depending on why you liked it you might like "the long way to a small angry planet" and the other books in that series. you might also like "the dispossessed"

Linear Algebra is the most important course I have ever taken. It has shown up in almost every other advanced course even tangentially related to math. Naturally I have forgotten all of it.

Games, Desires 

I want a game somewhere between Stardew Valley and Terraria, Oxygen not Included and Dwarf Fortress. More than anything i want a game where nature is an active part of the world and there's benefits to creating pockets of nature. Most games encourage you to just pave over nature.

@interneteh but if i disagree on the grounds that God did not give me that right, I'd be a horrible asshole cop. I DON'T WANT TO BE ANY OF THOSE THINGS!

@interneteh though i guess not the shy or non-confrontational atheists. This opens the question of whether disagreement is an instantaneous passive thing or if it requires an action to actively disagree.

Depression is the orange juice to my grad school's minty toothpaste.

@ash Holy butts. This is so funny. I'll give it a shot. My main problem is avoidance, but that's rooted in not being able to engage with the reading and problems, so this can help me when getting my background. Grad school is the orange juice to my depression's toothpaste.

studying a material on which I'm behind and which is hard makes me feel incompetent and I end up doing anything but studying. help.

@ArtistMarciaX@playvicious.social well that's what i get for butting in.🙃

@ArtistMarciaX@playvicious.social polyamory is alive and well in puerto rico at least, so times they are a-changing (back). early colonial accounts of tainos report that they had complex non-monogamous structures.

getting niblings awoke something disturbingly emotional in me

How fleeting life is... This does not scare me.

— Sodel Logemlam, Goblin Bard

I've been injured badly. I can keep it together.

— Sodel Logemlam, Goblin Bard

How fragile we are... This does not scare me.

— Solon Igatheshtân, Wrestler

quote, pgte, losing eyes 

“This eye for an eye business is horridly proportional. I assure you, if I’m losing an eye then so is everyone else.” —Dread Empress Sanguinia II

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