I propose that the number of mathematical articles on Wikipedia are Uncountably Finite.

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Linear Algebra is the most important course I have ever taken. It has shown up in almost every other advanced course even tangentially related to math. Naturally I have forgotten all of it.

Games, Desires 

I want a game somewhere between Stardew Valley and Terraria, Oxygen not Included and Dwarf Fortress. More than anything i want a game where nature is an active part of the world and there's benefits to creating pockets of nature. Most games encourage you to just pave over nature.

Depression is the orange juice to my grad school's minty toothpaste.

studying a material on which I'm behind and which is hard makes me feel incompetent and I end up doing anything but studying. help.

getting niblings awoke something disturbingly emotional in me

How fleeting life is... This does not scare me.

— Sodel Logemlam, Goblin Bard

I've been injured badly. I can keep it together.

— Sodel Logemlam, Goblin Bard

How fragile we are... This does not scare me.

— Solon Igatheshtân, Wrestler

quote, pgte, losing eyes 

“This eye for an eye business is horridly proportional. I assure you, if I’m losing an eye then so is everyone else.” —Dread Empress Sanguinia II

quotes, pgte, murder, litch 

“My dear Chancellor, I didn’t murder my entire family and use their blood to turn myself into an undead abomination to be told I couldn’t do things.”
—Dread Emperor Revenant

quotes, pgte, bad predictions 

“Mark my words, the Imperial banner will be flying above Summerholm by midsummer.”
—Dread Empress Regalia II, shortly before initiating the Sixty Years War

quote, pgte, tiger pits 

“You can never have too many tiger pits, Chancellor. That’s the same lack of vision that has people say “that’s too large a field of energy to absorb” or “calling yourself a living god is blasphemy”.”
—Dread Emperor Malignant III, before his death and second reign as Dread Emperor Revenant

quotes, pgte 

“Maybe I won’t go to Heaven but you’ve never owned a pit full of man-eating tapirs so who’s the real loser here?”
—Dread Empress Atrocious, best known for comprehensive tax reform and having been eaten by man-eating tapirs. They were later executed by her successor for treason after a lengthy trial.

“Any plan with more than four steps is not a plan, it is wishful thinking.” —Dread Empress Maleficent II

“Ah, but being defeated was always part of my plan! Yet another glorious victory for the Empire.” —Dread Emperor Irritant I, the Oddly Successful

“See, this is exactly the kind of trouble I’d be avoiding by mind controlling the entire world. You fools are making my point for me, can’t you see?” —Dread Emperor Imperious, shortly before being torn apart by an Ater mob

“Taxes. Taxes and triplicate forms.” – Dread Emperor Terribilis I, upon being asked what powerful sorceries he would use to humble the High Lords

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