Has anyone here gamed or done a simulation on what happens in the event of a major solar flare that fries all electronics? If not, anybody wanna play?

I'm trying to write a story set in an arcology in Portland in 2035. If you were living there then, what would your life be like? Or what would you *like* it to be like?

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Without people, there's no need to build a city. I want to build it here in Portland, OR, USA, in part because I think it's a nice place, and in part because I think it would address most of the problems the city is currently dealing with.

Anybody in or willing to move to Portland to make such a thing happen? If not, does anybody have an alternate location they can make a good case for?

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Cultural structure is much trickier than economics; it suffers from more of the 'false expert' syndrome. I'm willing to take notes on that discussion, provided we agree in advance that nobody anywhere has written a full explanation to the topic and what we're trying to do is generate the content from which to work.

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Economics is a tricky subject; I know just enough about it to know that we don't know enough about it. We need resources to create a city, and those resources, however artistically and efficiently we use them, have to come from someplace. Beyond that, we need to ensure that on an ongoing basis, enough resources flow into the city to keep it running, and that we have a way of disposing of excess resources before they reach toxic levels.

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The physical structure aspect of a city is the simplest, and generally the most fun -- it's a plan-your-own-dream-house dream, writ grand. I've got one, you probably do also. Share if you wish.

So what would it take to really build a solarpunk city? In a first pass at thinking it through, I come up with four topics: People, cultural structure, economics, and physical structure. Got any more you think are fundamental?

I live in Portland, OR, and would like to form a project for building a Solarpunk Arcology here. Anyone want to play?

Hello, all. I've just joined, and am busy learning my way around the interface. It looks like I've got a 500-character limit here, which will mean posting links to work, rather than posting the work directly. Is that so?

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