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Ran across this article on r/solarpunk - - and thought it was so awesome I started to email local and nearby city council people (they all have online bios, you can figure out who is most left-leaning in case you don't already know). Unexpectedly, I already received a positive response back, they said they were excited and sending it to other council members! It never hurts to suggest good ideas to your local elected officials. They tend to respond best to ideas that other cities are already successfully doing.

Did some weeding, slung a bit of mulch. Feel 500x better about the world, nothing like some solid exercise to help beat the winter blues. This is a picture of our latest mulch pile before we tore into it today. Full size shovel for scale. The white grid bin thingy is a free object we found on the side of the road, it is used to sieve the mulch.

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Finished!! A3 (42x30cm) 300gm hot press paper, archival quality inks and watercolours. Took about 20 hours.

For sale! Grab the signed original for $200 USD (which includes worldwide shipping). Message me to buy!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Hi, I'm Beau/Nova! I'm 19, genderless (any pronouns work), from Tennessee, currently living in Florida.

I mostly post about , / / and other plant-primary diets, , , (cw: ), and . I'm just now rediscovering my interests after seven years of drugs being just about my only interest. I also post about and on my mage account

I can do some front end web design, less so back end web development, and will gladly help anyone with any tech troubles they have. Also down for IRL meetups to get shit done. Need help building a garden in Florida? Come pick me up, I'll help for free.

You can always message me, I love making new friends!

V went through the hazelnut seeds, and the ones he decided weren't good enough to plant, I cracked, blanched, iced, and toasted. This took forever, but was important for getting the best possible flavor out of the nuts. Then made into this chocolate and hazelnut dessert, which he has already demolished half of.

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biked for the first time in years today !! felt pretty good, still need to get my legs but considering idk how to drive,, biking could b rly useful

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For those in or near NC, USA - the next Moral March is in Raleigh, Feb 9th. This is an important event in North Carolina, that is part of a successful project to get a variety of Leftist legislation enacted (they've helped to increase the minimum wage, got the Racial Justice Act passed, and won the right for slaughterhouse workers to unionize, among other things) . More info -

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Thank you so much for sharing these people with me!

Hey if anyone wants to help out over at the Appropedia - - that'd be awesome. Particularly if someone has words and thoughts about specifically solarpunk art and music, that'd be great. If we can create an awesome, thoughtful, and well-referenced wiki we might be able to use it to convince wikipedia that 1) we exist and deserve to be there again, and 2) could just port it over there. Also any solarpunk art that is Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike would be fantastic! The nice thing about this project is how you can leisurely help out from the comfort of your chair, when you have time. And if you don't feel like getting an account there, you can just send it to me and I'll try my best to work it in somehow.

#SunDIY, baking, vegan 

Here's my baked seitan recipe - these days I make it in bulk, it freezes beautifully! I also buy the vital wheat gluten in bulk so it's incredibly cheap in the long run.

Mexico, bad news 

In case you haven't heard, here's yet another reason to move away from fossil fuels ASAP -

Scored some free kelp extract at work!!! I am pretty excited about it, though can't actually use it until spring comes. I have a full transcription of the label going up on my blog tomorrow, in case anyone else is excited by this sort of thing.

First really really successful foray into baking bread! It was surprisingly delicious and light and fluffy and has all been devoured by the household. Used this tutorial -

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so often I have to tell people to please give themselves a break. you're a good person and you're doing your best. and more often than not, the response is they act like nobody ever told them that before. We gotta be nicer to each other. more supportive. life is hard.

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PSA: is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

#naturalnews #pseudoscience

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how can moss be so verdant and lush? how is it so delightful? it forms a bed on rocks and forest floors for tiny woodland animals to rest on. why is moss so great

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