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I needed this reminder today. Maybe you do, too?

Nearly every time I think someone is mad at me, they're actually frustrated by something, or annoyed with themselves, or feeling defensive or embarrassed.

Most people genuinely don't get angry that often. Those who do? It's something for them to work on, not you. It's okay to stay soft.

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More grafting at Solarpunk Plant Camp! This time we grafted cherry trees together (Montmorency + G.935)

Happy New Year for people into this particular calendar. I hope everyone is drinking adequate water tonight, so that tomorrow is also an excellent day.

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"You've been chosen," the spirit said.
"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."
"We chose everyone."
#MicroFiction #smallstories
via @MicroSFF

My partner V teaching our friend Frankie how to graft fruit trees! We're having an unofficial solarpunk Plant Camp.

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“No work of dystopian fiction has ever stopped the scenarios it portrays from happening. 1984 didn’t prevent the surveillance state, and Blade Runner didn’t hinder corporate destruction of our environment.” ~Redfern Jon Barrett

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Feeling crafty! Made a jacket patch out of some fabric scraps around. I really want to get better at sewing so that I can actually make things rather than just use sewing for mending.

For all the solarpunk fiction writers - call for submissions for a anthology - - help spread the word!

@alyxmaia In mortality composting, it is recommended to use a liner below the area that you are composting, so the water table is protected. You might be able to do something similar, and that way do your long term composting with all sorts of manures/feces/wastes, and any concerning materials can be safely broken down by the microbes.

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(If it snows) the #Erzgebirge region of #Germany is the most beautiful place on Earth during holidays.
Took these photos on my mobile when walking the dog with my Mum. #MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays #snow

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My gift to you today. Use them however you want. Make them stickers, post them somewhere. They are yours to with what you will. <3

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Do you know about any #solarpunk #art I could use as an illustration to explain "solarpunk technology" at a hacker congress?

I want to talk how Solarpunk may be a chance to present independent, grassroots technologies as something creative an hopeful, not just as a voice of rebellion against corporations.

I could #commission one for CreativeCommons if there's none good, but I need it by the 28th.

@Curator any help? :)


My tumblr posts that have been flagged include: skeezy but clothed dude standing next to the large indoor rocket store that he built and it later partially burnt down the house of an acquaintance of mine, some sexy sexy squash, V's hands and some seedlings, V's sister in her 'snake lady' mod (admittedly, she's not wearing much), and my hand holding a fluttering moth I had rescued and was about to release. Too funny!

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CW: protein health drink

PSA - this protein drink is super gross! Avoid it! There's better stuff out there. My curiosity demands that I try these things when I run across them, but in this case, spare yourselves.

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