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After freezing rain in Michigan, apples that hadn’t been picked got coated in ice. Many fell off the tree. Some had their insides turn to mush as apples have lower freezing points. The mush and skin fell, leaving these “ghost apples.”

📷: Andrew Sietsema


@ajdunevent @InvaderXan Many people don't realize that there's a massive international industry behind ornamental plants, but plant nurseries, from large behemoths to small ones, tend to grow at least some patented ornamental plants. Plant breeders still exist, they just (mostly) work within these large companies. I get catalogs of patented ornamental & edible plants every year. The issue with a patent is that in the US at least, you have to be willing to defend it in a court of law from patent trolls or anyone who tries to infringe upon your patent, which requires the $$money$$ for lawyers vs a patent which may or may not make you any money. Companies can afford to deal with this, they just have to decide if what their breeders came up with is worth it. It's harder for a small mom'n'npop plant breeders to pull this off. There's nothing in a tag that stops a plant from being cloned though.

Fingers are sore from potting up 1000s of pansy plugs the past couple of days, but excited for spring! Love the way the pansies smell.

@artsyhonker Depends on what we're growing, sometimes we just write on the trays or pots themselves, but have also used old white blinds cut up. The real catch is to use the right kind of marker, the type that uv doesn't fade... well that and remembering to actually label things in the first place instead of going 'oh I will 100% remember that yeah'

@InvaderXan I saw one of this once, didn't buy it, and have regretted it ever since. Everyone focuses on the flowers, but the foliage is excellent as well.

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It's kinda cliche in the US to celebrate George Washington Carver during , but y'all I just gotta, the man is a complicated, relatable legend.

- "We can synthesize materials for every human need from things that grow."
• huge plant nerd
• chronic health issues
• frustrated genius
• probably bisexual, possibly gray-ace
• orphan, survivor of slavery and endless racism
• radical Christian
• terrible at capitalism
• early champion of ,

obituary for a friend #death #grief 

Let me tell you about him, he was a sweet loving person even during those difficult teenage years. A talented musician with a gentle sense of humor. A humanist who cared about people. He became a pastor focused on loving everyone and interfaith dialogue. He also had a MS and taught children science. He was hit and killed by a driver who was impatient to get around a schoolbus. He leaves behind a grieving family, community, and anyone lucky enough to have known him. The thing is, he wouldn't want people to wallow in grief, he would want it to move them to make the world a better place, one filled with more love, more beauty, more understanding. Requiescat in pace, John.

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On April 15 #ExtinctionRebellion will shut down London, demanding a sane response to the climate crisis, guided by citizen assemblies.

If you support this plan, you need to know about #vTaiwan - the world's most advanced citizen participation process.

THREAD >>> Just as a quick history lesson for anyone who might not know: plant patent laws have existed in the USA for about a hundred years now, so plant breeders wouldn't starve - specifically Luther Burbank, who is responsible for breeding hundreds of fruit trees, some of which are still used today. He is probably best known for breeding the Santa Rosa plum. and

balcony garden planning!! #garden #canada 

@cosmic this is one of my favorite garden videos, I watch it every year and learn something new from her. It's old but everything she's doing still applies today, especially for more northerly gardeners. Carol Bowlby is amazing, and the pace of the video is very chill and approachable.

About to go on a weeding rampage. This is my weeding/guerrilla gardening theme song . Even if you think you don't like this sort of music, try hanging around to Dessa's part (1:40) which is amazing. The lyrics are solarpunk af. "My girl gave me a bolt cutter / We love to break in / Reclaim all the spaces / They forgot they had taken / And all this is ours / It's gonna be what we make it / If only the stars were close enough we would paint them"

🌻 r/solarpunk has passed the 5000 member mark!!! 🌻 It's a great place to share things you want to be seen by a lot of people - positive news, good organizations, useful ideas, inspirational art or music, etc.

Picture is a hamster wearing a mammal outfit, in front of some branches of flowering quince. For extra plant oomph, at each corner there are yet more plants - some succulents, some clip art

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