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us politics, prison labor, product labeling (boost with CW) 

@StefBarron @packbat the "defense" for having prison labor in the first place is that they can gain work skills, gain certifications, learn to work in teams, learn work culture basically... however there's zero explanation for why they're paid almost nothing for their work. Here's an article on what's going on in my state of NC - - key line "The jobs with Correction Enterprises are paid less than work release, where low-level inmates get to leave the prison to work for private employers, but they’re paid more than jobs inside the prison; making Correction Enterprises highly sought after work."

@alyaza As the person who has been the #1 contributor on the Appropedia, I just want to point out that help is welcome, including anyone with the time/ability to handle the use of archival services (the ultimate goal of the appropedia being that it can be shown to wikipedia to prove that we exist and hopefully get ourselves back up there).

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“We destroy plants at our peril. Neither we nor any other animal can survive without them. The time has now come for us to cherish our green inheritance, not to pillage it. For without it, we will surely perish.”

– David Attenborough,
The Private Life of Plants Pictures of the space would help, or further descriptions of "Low light". Pothos is usually a safe choice, but it is still a plant and needs some light to photosynthesize.

@comradenomad there's some info here - and yeah just search around the hashtags and try using some of your own. We're spread all over the world here, though most are in the US or UK or Europe I think.

@comradenomad treat this like twitter, it's like shouting into the void. Sometimes the void talks back, sometimes it doesn't. You can use hashtags to be found, and to find other people though. Sunbeam City has some other platforms associated with it, which is where stuff like the coop happens.

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The whole 16-page zine is available free of charge right over here:

@Hazelcrazygoatlady Consider yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, and other fermented foods. There's also probiotic supplements you can buy from CVS or similar places.

if you want to go distillation hardcore 

@raye yeah we are always on the lookout for old science equipment. haven't ever found old labware, last we found were some fancy fridges and whatnot. Will keep eyes peel though thanks for the reminder!!

if you want to go distillation hardcore 

@raye awesome, thanks for the tip! My biggest issue is trying to justify the cost of equipment for something I see myself mostly dabbling in. However, I've heard that a prickly neighbor apparently has some nice equipment...

I read some distilling info online and everyone kept referencing this book, so I picked it up. It really doesn't have too much additional information for what you can find already, though there is a section in the back where they give tips on dealing with particular types of plants.

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Found a basic guide for dressing in the cold, in case it is helpful for those enduring and about to enduring dangerously cold weather. Try to stay warm y'all!

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Sourdough adventures complete!
It is so delicious, I couldn't be more thrilled! The bread cures is finally lifted!
I've nearly eaten one loaf already. The other (prettier) loaf was gifted to my neighbors. Looks like I'll be waking my starter up sooner then later. :blobaww:

Ran across this article on r/solarpunk - - and thought it was so awesome I started to email local and nearby city council people (they all have online bios, you can figure out who is most left-leaning in case you don't already know). Unexpectedly, I already received a positive response back, they said they were excited and sending it to other council members! It never hurts to suggest good ideas to your local elected officials. They tend to respond best to ideas that other cities are already successfully doing.

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