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@Hazelcrazygoatlady if you have song descriptions anywhere and describe any of your music as solarpunk, we can add it to the appropedia and such. In case you're interested.

Illness, Flu, Help needed, Remedies? 

@kawaiipunk echinacea and/or elderberry teas can help. some people swear by hot sauce to kick start the immune system (some go further and drink concoctions of garlic, lemon, hot sauce, and a shot of a strong clear liquor). Hot showers/baths, eating healthy food, avoiding too much sugar (tends to negatively impact the immune system), generally go easy on yourself. Disclaimer: this does not constitute actual medical advice blah blah blah

food, vegan??? 

@ehashman that looks amazing!!

@abrahms @actionweek I make a lot of hot pepper ferments, and what I'll do is just almost close the lid, but not entirely. Then cover with a dark towel and leave in a back room to do what it does. I've tried other methods, but have had the best success with this one.

Did some weeding, slung a bit of mulch. Feel 500x better about the world, nothing like some solid exercise to help beat the winter blues. This is a picture of our latest mulch pile before we tore into it today. Full size shovel for scale. The white grid bin thingy is a free object we found on the side of the road, it is used to sieve the mulch.

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Finished!! A3 (42x30cm) 300gm hot press paper, archival quality inks and watercolours. Took about 20 hours.

For sale! Grab the signed original for $200 USD (which includes worldwide shipping). Message me to buy!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

@Adriana This is how my supernerd translation handles Chapter 12: "The five colors cause one's eyes to go blind. Racing horses and hunting cause one's mind to go mad. Goods that are hard to obtain pose an obstacle to one's travels. The five flavors confuse one's palate. The five tones cause one's ears to go deaf. Therefore, in the government of the Sage: He's for the belly and not for the eyes. Thus he rejects that and takes this." This is from the Ma-wang-tui text, the (currently) earliest known version. (trans. Robert Henricks).

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Hi, I'm Beau/Nova! I'm 19, genderless (any pronouns work), from Tennessee, currently living in Florida.

I mostly post about , / / and other plant-primary diets, , , (cw: ), and . I'm just now rediscovering my interests after seven years of drugs being just about my only interest. I also post about and on my mage account

I can do some front end web design, less so back end web development, and will gladly help anyone with any tech troubles they have. Also down for IRL meetups to get shit done. Need help building a garden in Florida? Come pick me up, I'll help for free.

You can always message me, I love making new friends!

@piponfishing Beautifully choreographed and executed! Thanks for sharing!

negative, work, shell of my former self 

@kawaiipunk Not sure if you're into this sort of thing, but maybe this will help?

@smokeythecat It's definitely necessary, it's plant nutrients. However, your basic potting soil might already have some.

V went through the hazelnut seeds, and the ones he decided weren't good enough to plant, I cracked, blanched, iced, and toasted. This took forever, but was important for getting the best possible flavor out of the nuts. Then made into this chocolate and hazelnut dessert, which he has already demolished half of.

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biked for the first time in years today !! felt pretty good, still need to get my legs but considering idk how to drive,, biking could b rly useful

#SunDIY, baking, vegan You're welcome!!

food issues, animal death mention 

@cosmic There are some things out there, like Ensure, Soylent, and a variety of protein powders that veer into full on meal replacement territory.

mental health 

@geske cheering you on from afar

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