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help anarchist comrades get out of Afghanistan, the stakes are extremely high.

read the latest issue of earthly delights ꙮgdo. i drop some hot takes in this one. shit you cant get anywhere else

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people salty and has been widely regarded as cringe

A growing police state should be a major red flag that your society's organization doesn't work, and you're trying to force it to be otherwise, like a square peg in a round hole. If it weren't so then the repressive apparatus wouldn't be necessary.

If you're browsing the TL late at night, you may hear a soft cromching sound all around you. That's the sound of insects and small rodents eating dead posts that have fallen to the forest floor. This is an essential part of the mastodon ecosystem

History has collapsed in on itself and now we're basically living every decade of the 20th century simultaneously

Car problems! I've got car problems! And no money! And my car is how I might earn money!

I am getting the radiator fan replaced. It's $400, and I ain't got $400, but the car is dangerous to drive. I also have a bunch of shit that I'm deferring that is going to come crashing down on me later, the primary one being that the struts are shot. That is $1000 to fix. Anything helps.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle

me: Magic 8 ball, what's the next Mastodon multi-day meme riff going to be?

hiding my copies of Jacobin Magazine under the bed like porn mags

why isn't there a searchable inventory system for my real life things

I can't believe I started listening to Dismemberment Plan

let's ask real questions: which grass type poḱemons get you high if you smoke them

@marie_joseph to the joker a chevy spark is just a regular bus

Remember those posts about how it feels to chew 5 Gum? Guess how it would feel to chew 6 Gum. That's right, like having your prostate milked.

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