uspol, syria 

uspol, syria 

Please boost!

Arrested fellow workers in Richmond need financial support!

Two demonstrators in Richmond were arrested on falsified charges of assaulting the police during our peaceful action demonstrating solidarity with Rojava this past weekend. The Richmond IWW is doing all it can to support these folks who were brutalized by a gang of 15 cops for daring to disrupt Saturday night restaurant business in Richmond to raise awareness about an actual ethnic genocide that is currently happening.

PLEASE give what you can and share this fundraiser as much as you possibly can - these folks are amazing comrades and do so much for our city - help us have their backs!

Every dollar helps!!

re: watching the dem debates 

watching the dem debates 

destroy capitalism so there aren't any more customers so no one needs to work in customer service

why are mythical and D&D salamanders fire beings, when irl salamanders are amphibians that need to stay wet all the time

how do you tell someone that the care you need does not exist in your country

For anyone that wants to know how Rojava's political system functions, check out Neighbor Democracy's short documentary 'The Communes of Rojava'. It defines what a commune is and goes into depth about the various communal committees; Defence, Health, Peace & Consensus, Economics, Education and Women's committees, that allow society in Rojava to direct itself :rojava:

:lotalac: I haven't done this in a bit, but its posting day for me over at Patreon!

I write an altered history indigenous Nahuatl focused solarpunk fantasy called New Fire that takes place on a flying city where the west and Mexico overthrew its colonizers. We've got old gods, queer girls, and soft boys oh my!

You can check out the latest here:

I'm sorry but my sexual orientation is public transit oriented in that if you don't support public transit we will not be touching

don't confuse the recently deceased Silent Warrior with the currently retired, but very much alive, Soylent Warrior

what about this? moistodev. like mastodev but moist. is this anything?

My comrades were just assaulted by a group of Maoists today at a meeting.

Fuck Maoists. :dont_at_me: with left unity bullshit. I heard it all before.

cut authoritarians of all stripes out of your fucking lives. MLMs are not your comrades.

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